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INFO: What is new in Zetafax version 17.5



This Zetafax technical note applies to:

·         Zetafax version 17.5


This technical note describes the new features in Zetafax version 17.5.

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Zetafax version 17.5 adds the following features:

Use with public SIP fax services

Zetafax now supports use with public SIP fax services accessed via the Internet, using the new Enhanced FoIP Security add-on (see below) to protect fax traffic between the Zetafax Server and the service.

Enhanced FoIP Security add-on

The new Enhanced FoIP Security add-on improves the security of fax traffic in systems using the Zetafax FoIP Connector (SR140 Edition).  It causes the recipient number and the message content to be encrypted using the TLS and SRTP secure protocols.

This add-on is primarily intended for use with public SIP service providers, but can also be used to improve the security of fax traffic within a corporate network or private SIP trunk if required.  It must be purchased for all licenced SR140 fax channels, and requires the IP phone system or SIP service provider to support the relevant security standards.

Brooktrout driver version 6.8

This release includes version 6.8 of the Dialogic Brooktrout drivers, for systems which use the Zetafax Fax over IP Connector (SR140 Edition) or Brooktrout intelligent fax boards.

Reduce number busy failures when sending multiple faxes to the same recipient

The Zetafax Server will now only send one fax at a time to any given recipient.  This improves call success rates when sending multiple faxes to the same recipient, removing the possibility of a recipient number being busy because the server is already sending to it on a different phone line.

The behaviour is controlled using a system configuration setting, which can be used to revert to previous behaviour if required.

Windows Server 2019

This release adds limited support for Windows Server 2019, for systems which are not using Brooktrout fax boards or the Zetafax FoIP Connector (SR140 Edition).

Office 2019 and Exchange Server 2019

This release adds support for Exchange Server 2019 and Office 2019, including full validation testing for these platforms.

Deprecated features

The following features have been deprecated with this release.  Customers who have already purchased these add-ons will still be supported, but the add-ons will no longer available for purchase for new or existing systems.

  • Link for eCopy
  • Fax Broadcast
  • Fax Relay
  • Zetafax Device Edition


This update is available free of charge to customers with a Software Assurance contract which is current at the date of release (22 July 2019).  It is available as a chargeable software version upgrade for other customers.

The update is recommended for all Zetafax version 17.1 and older systems.


ZTN2134 HOWTO Updating to Zetafax version 17.5

Last updated: 16th July 2019 (GW/NT)

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