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INFO: What is new in Zetafax 2006 SP1



ID: ZTN1545

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax Server 2006 SP1
  • Zetafax Client 2006 SP1


This technote describes the new features and resolved bugs in Zetafax 2006 SP1.

More information

Zetafax 2006 SP1 provides a number of new features and resolves a large number of bugs that have been reported in previous versions.

New features include:

  • Integration with Citrix Presentation Server 4.
  • Integration with eCopy, allowing you to use eCopy to send faxes via Microsoft Exchange and SMTP using the Zetafax server.
  • Fax Broadcast support allowing you to send fax jobs to a large number of recipients using the new Zetafax FaxBroadcast client and enhanced Zetafax Server performance.
  • A new version of the Annotation Control that allows you to add images to your faxes.

Problems resolved:

  • Occasionally attachments that had been added to previous faxes were displayed in the system attachment list.
  • Repositioning the Zetafax Viewer toolbars resulted in display issues.
  • Some menu items and labels were displaying incorrectly within the Italian client.
  • On certain system configurations, the creation of a new group resulted in the Zetafax Client shutting down.
  • The default behaviour of the Zetafax client should prevent multiple sessions from being started.  In certain situations, it was possible for a user to open several sessions.
  • The delete button for the Inbox Rules was activated without a rule being selected.
  • When deleting a group, the delete button provides a prompt to confirm whether the group should be deleted.  Regardless of whether the user selected 'yes' or 'no' the group was deleted. 
  • While using the cursor to move between faxes in either the Outbox or the Inbox, the focus changed from the list of faxes to the fax preview pane.
  • Some menu items and labels were displaying incorrectly within the Polish client.
  • If the Zetafax client was installed on a polish version of Windows XP, in certain situations, it would crash if the right mouse button was clicked from the reading pane.
  • If a large number of faxes were held for preview, a large amount of memory was used by the client as it waited for these faxes to be converted.
  • Resubmission of sent faxes with multiple pages resulted in font changes on the second page.
  • If a fax was resent, with the wizard defaults, the subject line would appear twice.
  • If a fax with multiple pages was displayed within the Zetafax Viewer, and the Zoom value was modified by typing a number into the Zoom control, the Viewer would freeze if another page of the fax was selected.
  • Printing a document with embedded commands to Lotus notes resulted in these embedded commands not being recognized.
  • BTBINIT was not shutting down in a timely manner.  This caused SYSMAN to issue a warning.
  • When faxes that were held for preview were viewed in the Zetafax Viewer, a prompt was missing. This prompt asked the user if the fax was ready to send.
  • Occasionally if a large number of faxes were submitted using embedded commands, the fax addressing dialog would be activated.
  • Some customers have reported that QueueMan was crashing while attempting to access a .g3n file.  Users may have seen this error message ' Unable to open file F:\ZFAX\USERS\FAXADMIN\Z-IN\~RECD487.G3N (1)'
  • The Note field was not getting populated in the fax sending wizard when using DDE Commands.
  • Memory leaks were discovered with the use of the Zetafax Client on Citrix Presentation Server 4.
  • ZSUBMIT was crashing when it referenced a UNC path drop directory that no longer exists.


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Last updated: 15th September 06 (PJ/ EB)

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