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INFO: Fax Broadcast Upgrade to Zetafax server 2006



ID: ZTN1534

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax server version 2006 and Fax Broadcast version 10.0.21


This technical note provides information about the FaxBroadcast upgrade for Zetafax server 2006.


You must have Zetafax Server version 2006 installed and have a valid FaxBroadcast licence configured on the Zetafax server.

More information

This upgrade updates the FaxBroadcast features on the Zetafax Server.

It can be applied by performing the following steps:

 - Start the Zetafax Server

 - Click "Check for Updates." on the Help menu


From the "Start" menu click All Programs > Zetafax > Check for Updates

NOTE: Installing some updates while your Zetafax Server is running may disrupt your system and force you to reboot the Zetafax Server. For this reason it is suggested that you perform update installations at a time when taking the Zetafax server offline will not cause any major disruptions. If it is not a suitable time right now, we suggest you download the update to install later, or check again for updates at a more suitable time.


For more information on FaxBroadcast, and to register for a trial, please click on the link below:


Last updated: 24 July 2006 (PJ/EB)

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