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INFO: Changes in Brooktrout driver version 6.7.5 update



ID: ZTN2115

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax version 17
  • Zetafax 2014


The Brooktrout 6.7.5 driver update contains a number of hotfixes and enhancements. It is intended for use on Zetafax 2014 and above systems.

More information

The release includes the following changes since version 6.7.1 of the Brooktrout driver.

  • Ability to Assign SR140 Ports to an Inbound Phone Number
    • This new change will allow Contact IPv4 Address to have a format of ”name@xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx”.  Previous to this change, this field could only be an IP address, no “name” part at all. This can be configured using the Brooktrout Configuration Tool.
  • Expanded G.711 Fallback Capability
    • The original feature allowed the SR140 to send out a G.711 re-INVITE if it was set for G.711 Fallback and its T.38 re-INVITE got rejected.  You would set the g711_fallback_rtp_reinvite parameter in callctrl.cfg to true to enable this behaviour. The SR140’s behaviour before this latest change was that it didn’t reject these changes in any SIP message, but it did not listen on the new media port that the SIP carriers tried to use.  The SR140 continued to listen only to the original port, and so the call would then fail. This new release added a change to allow the media port to be changed in that circumstance.  Note that the media port can be changed only in the case the SR140 is configured to send the G.711 re-INVITE using g711_fallback_rtp_reinvite.  Any other attempt by the SIP carrier to change the media port would still be rejected.
  • Multiple SIP Default Gateways   
    • This feature allows multiple default gateways to be configured for the SR140.
  • Support for sending SIP 100 Trying Message when no SR140 channel is waiting for a call


ZTN1744 HOWTO: Upgrade to the latest Brooktrout Drivers.

Last updated: 12th October 2016 (JC) 

Keywords: Brooktrout SR140 PCI Express  

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