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INFO: Adjusting the Zetafax client polling interval.



ID: ZTN1017

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax 5 client and later


Generally the Zetafax workstation checks files on the Zetafax server regularly to monitor the status of the server, and of messages for that user.  However, if you are using a Zetafax workstation across a slow network link, or one which is not permanent (e.g. a dialup link) you may wish to reduce the frequency of these checks, or to disable them altogether.

This information is supplied "as-is".  While the information is believed to be correct with Zetafax 5.5, behaviour may be changed in future releases.

More information

In order to disable regular server checking, the ZFCLIENT.INI file needs to be modified.  This file is located within the Zetafax directory on the Zetafax Workstation for example:

C:\Program Files\Zetafax\ZFCLIENT.INI

Note: For versions 5 to 8.01, this file is called Zetafax.ini and is found with other system files in the windows directory (for example: Windows/Winnt for Windows NT machines)

Open this file using notepad or a similar text editor, and add the following two lines to the [WORKSTATION] section to disable regular server checking:

CheckServerTimer: 0

StatusTimer: 0

The first determines the frequency of checking if the server is still running.  With this set to zero the check will only be done just before making a server request (e.g. submitting a fax, or doing an address book search).

The second line determines how frequently the workstation checks the IN and OUT directories to see if anything has changed (e.g. if a new fax has been received, or a submitted fax has been sent).  With this set to zero these directories will only be checked (and the IN and OUT windows updated) when you choose " Refresh" on the workstation.

There is an advanced feature, which allows even greater flexibility with checking the IN and OUT directories.  The following four lines allow you to choose how often the IN and OUT directories are checked when active (ie containing at least one message which is not completed) and idle (all messages in that directory completed).

CheckNewTimer: < value>

CheckIdleNewTimer: < value>

CheckWaitingTimer: < value>

CheckIdleWaitingTimer: < value>

The values are in seconds, and once again setting them to zero will disable the check.  So, for example, the following settings would cause the workstation to check the OUT directory (only) every 10 seconds from when you submitted a fax until it was sent, then stop checking.

CheckNewTimer: 0

CheckIdleNewTimer: 0

CheckWaitingTimer: 10

CheckIdleWaitingTimer: 0

Last updated: 05/10/06 (LD/EB)

First created:  10 January 2000 (GC/GW)

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