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HOWTO: Use images in a Zetadocs Template in a Server Only deployment



ID: ZTN4450

This Zetadocs technical note applies to:

  • Zetadocs for NAV v8.0 or later


This technote will guide you through the process of using an image in a Zetadocs Email Template to use in Zetadocs NAV Server Delivery.

More information

By following the below steps the user will be able to create a Zetadocs Template with images included for Server only or Hybrid Deployments.

First thing that the user creating the email template will need is to verify that the image to be used is accessible by the Email server (e.g. in an image hosting website). Once that is done the user needs to create a template. Start by following the instructions on Zetadocs PDF Help. Once the step to create the body is reached and you need to add an image, click the add image button. On the dialog to browse for the image simply paste the url for the image instead of the local path, click ok and follow the rest of the Help tutorial.


Zetadocs PDF Help

Last updated: 16th March 2016 (JC) 

Keywords: Server Delivery, Zetadocs PDF, ZDNAV, Hybrid Installation, Zetadocs NAV Server Delivery

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