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HOWTO: Upgrade to version 5.2 of the Brooktrout drivers



ID: ZTN1562

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax Server version 2006 and 2006 SP1
  • Brooktrout Boston SDK 5.0


This document provides you a step by step approach on how to upgrade Zetafax 2006 and 2006 SP1 to support the latest version of the Brooktrout drivers. This is required to provide support for some of the newer Brooktrout TR1034 and TruFax RoHS compliant boards and Analogue DID boards.

NOTE: Customers with existing Brooktrout hardware need not apply this update. If you are unsure if your board requires this update please contact your supplier.

More information

Follow these steps to upgrade the Brooktrout drivers:

  1. Shutdown the Zetafax Server service.
  2. Download the self extracting zip file ZTN1562-Brooktrout_Driver_Update.exe from the following location:


  1. Double click and unzip the self extracting zip file.
  2. Copy the contents of the folder to SERVER directory located at c:\Program Files\Zetafax Server\ or the location where Zetafax Server is installed.

NOTE: once you upgrade the Brooktrout drivers you will no longer be able to add/edit any Brooktrout devices using the Zetafax Configuration program. If you need to add/edit any Brooktrout devices after the upgrade then follow the steps in the section titled Add/Edit Brooktrout devices after the upgrade at the end of this document.

  1. Browse to the ..\Zetafax Server\SERVER directory and double click on BTUpgradeUtility.exe.
  2. Start the update of the drivers by clicking 'OK'.
  3. On the prompt asking to upgrade files btcall.cfg and callctrl.cfg, Click 'OK'.
  4. On the prompt asking 'Are you sure you want to uninstall this product?' Click 'YES'.
  5. If you are prompted with a Security Alert to install an unsigned driver "Brooktrout TRxStream Board", click 'YES'.
  6. Hardware Update Wizard will start and take you through the steps of the installing the Brooktrout hardware.
  7. It will ask you to restart the computer click 'YES'.
  8. After the restart you will get prompted to resume the installation click 'Resume'.
  9. Upgrade utility will ask you if you want to perform upgrade click 'OK' to launch the Brooktrout System Software installer.
  10. Brooktrout System Software will be needed to be installed and upgrade utility will prompt you to install the Brooktrout system software. Click 'Next' to install the Brooktrout System Software.

On some systems the Brooktrout System Software will detect that the system has a Brooktrout board installed and will prompt you to install the drivers necessary for it to work. In this case the following the next set of steps are relevant. If not prompted, go to step 21.

  1. A Hardware Update Wizard is displayed, you need to select "Install from a list or specific location"
  2. Select "Search for best driver in these locations"
  3. Press the browse button and navigate to C:\Program Files\ZetafaxServer\SERVER\Boston
  4. When prompted with the selection of the drivers please choose the one located in C:\Program Files\ZetafaxServer\SERVER\Boston.

  1. Once the installation is finished click on 'Finish'.
  2. On the Brooktrout Software configuration complete screen click 'Finish'.
  3. On the BTUpgradeUtility screen click 'Finish'.
  4. Start the Brooktrout Configuration Tool from Start > All Programs.
  5. When prompted with the Brooktrout Configuration Tool - Preferences dialog box, click 'OK'.
  6. Click 'Next' on the following two screens accepting the defaults (you will need to change the country setting).
  7. Be sure to check the Apply Configuration checkbox on the third screen as this is not checked by default. Only then click 'Next'.
  8. Click 'Finish' on the final screen of the configuration.
  9. Restart the computer. You will not be prompted.

Add/Edit Brooktrout devices after the upgrade

Once you upgrade the Brooktrout drivers you will no longer be able to add/edit any Brooktrout devices using the Zetafax Configuration program. To edit the existing devices or add new ones you will have to edit the .\Zetafax Server\system\ZDB\SETUP.INI file manually.

·         Open SETUP.INI file using Notepad.

·         Locate the [DEVICES] and [BTB-G1] paragraphs and edit the two paragraphs with your settings as follows:


DeviceGroup: BTB-G1 "". For example: BTB-G1 2 "TruFax BRI"

Device: PRINT-1 "Automatic printer"



Description: . For example: TruFax BRI

Type: . For example: TruFax BRI

ConnectTries: 1

DetectBusy: YES

DetectDial: YES



DialType: TONE

MinSendRetryPages: 5


Port: 2


ReceiveOnly: NO

ReceiveSpeed: 0

RestartInitialPages: 1

RestartSplitPages: 1

SendMsgTries: 2

TransmitSpeed: 0


ChannelsUsed: 2

ChannelsReserved: 0


ZTN1540 PRB: PRB: Zetafax reports ".Please exit and run the BTUpdateUtility.exe.." when trying to add a Brooktrout board

Last updated: 10 January 2007 (PJ/GC)


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