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HOWTO: Show related documents from a list page using v7.0 of Zetadocs for NAV



ID: ZTN4377

This Zetadocs technical note applies to:

  • Version 7.0 of Zetadocs for NAV


This technote details how to use Zetadocs to search documents from your document library.

Note: to use this functionality the version 7.0 of Zetadocs for NAV needs to be correctly installed and configured. Please follow the steps in the Zetadocs for NAV Essentials guide installation for details.

More information

This functions searches the documents in your target library given a specific criteria to match.

 [OK :=] Search(library, VAR metadataToMatch, VAR metadataFieldsToReturn, maxDocumentsToReturn, VAR documents, VAR documentMetadata)


  • library:
    • Type: Text
    • The target document library
  • metadataToMatch:
    • Type: TEMPORARY Record 9041220
    • The list of metadata to search in the document library
  • maxDocumentsToReturn:
    • Type: Integer
    • The maximum number of documents to search. Default value is 50 (if you want to apply the default value type 0)
  • documents:
    • Type: TEMPORARY Record 9041221
    • List of result documents.
  • documentMetadata:
    • Type: TEMPORARY Record 9041222
    • List of result additional metadata. Each piece of metadata is related to a document

Return Value

  • Type: Boolean
  • If the value is 0 then there are no errors executing the query, otherwise there was an error.

Last updated: 27th October 2014 (JV/WK)

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