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HOWTO: Setup Multitech MT5656ZDX with Zetafax



ID: ZTN1571

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax 2007
  • Multitech MT5656ZDX tested with Firmware Version ACF3_V2.000E-V90_P21_FSH



The MT5656ZDX is a modem which can be used for the sending and receiving of faxes.  This guide is designed to help you install and configure the MT5656ZDX to work with Zetafax.

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The installation procedure can be broken down into 2 parts

  • Adding  the Multitech MT5656ZDX within the Zetafax Configuration Console
  • Modifying the Setup.ini

Configuring Zetafax Server with the Multitech MT5656ZDX

  1. Launch the Zetafax Configuration program. The Zetafax Configuration program will launch in a console window.
  2. Setting up the Multitech MT5656ZDX
  3. a) Select Devices

    b)  In the right hand side pane right-click and select "Add".

    c)  Click Next

    d)  Select "Fax Modem (Class 1 or 2)" and click "Add"

    e)  Choose "Not in list" and "Next"

    f)  Enter a description for the modem and select a COM port. If you would like to receive incoming faxes please use the drop down menu under "Receiving" to select a User or Group. Click "Next

    g)  Click "Next" again and then click "Finish"

    h)  Close the Zetafax Configuration program.

Note:  Please do not install the drivers from the CD provided with the modem as these are not required.

Modifying the Setup.ini file

  1. Browse to zfax\system\z-db\setup.ini
  2. Open SETUP.INI in Notepad
  3. Scroll to the [FCLASS-X] section (Where X denotes the Modem number)
  4. At the bottom of this section, press enter and type in the following line: VoiceCommands: OFF
  5. Click File and Save

Note: You must restart the Zetafax Server after modifying the setup.ini file.


PRB: Modem trouble shooting guide for Zetafax.

INFO: Modem hang-up status codes for class 2.0 fax

Last updated: 11th April 07 (IN/PJ)

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