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HOWTO: Setup a Quintum Tenor AF for Fax over IP



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This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax 2009 onwards
  • Zetafax FoIP Connector


This tech note will describe the steps required to configure a Quintum Tenor AF gateway to work with Zetafax and the SR140 Fax over IP connector.

More information

Ensure you have connected the power supply, Analogue line(s) and LAN via an Ethernet connection.

In order to configure the gateway, you must download and install the Tenor Configuration Manager. You can find the latest version from the following link –


Upgrade your Firmware

You will need to make sure you are running the latest firmware on the Tenor unit to operate in some countries outside of the UK.


Note: Please upgrade your unit to P108-09-02 Maintenance Software or later for operation in Sweden.

Quintum Tenor Configuration Wizard

The default username and password for the Tenor AF is admin.

By default, the gateway is set to be assigned an IP address via DHCP.  If DHCP is not enabled on your network, then you cannot access the unit via the LAN until the IP address has been configured.  You must use a serial connection to do this.  Refer to the quick start guide for instructions on how to do this -  http://www.quintum.com/support/quickstart/TenorBXQuickStart.pdf.

  1. Switch on the gateway.
  2. Run Tenor Configuration Manager from a PC.  The following screen will appear.
  3. Click on the ‘Discover’ button.  This will search your network for any Quintum gateway devices.  Assuming DHCP has assigned an IP, the gateway should appear shortly. 
  4. When it has been found, click on ‘Connect’.
  5. After connecting, the configuration wizard will run automatically. Specify the following settings:

IP Address Configuration:

Specify a static IP
Obtain DNS automatically or manual

Dial Plan Configuration:

Dial Plan Country: UK (or please select your country)
Area Code: Enter your local area code

Line Port Configuration:
Disconnect Detection; Loop Start, Forward Disconnect

Called ID Detection; FSK or DTMF

Tone Based Answer Detection: Disabled.

Are all inbound VoIP calls generated from an IP PBX or from IP phones: Yes

Do you want to Enable Hop off Calls: Yes

VoIP Routing Configuration:

  Outgoing Routing IP Protocol: SIP

You will then need to specify the settings for your server.

Here is an example when using SIP:

Trunk-side SIP User Information
User ID: Zetafax

Idle Analogue Line Configuration:

Disable Trunk /PSTN-Side channels: No


Final Configuration Settings

The wizard is now completed and the main confirmation screen is now displayed. Please follow the steps below to continue configuring the Quintum AF unit for Zetafax and the SR140 Fax over IP connector.

  1. Click ‘Accept’ to save settings and return to the main screen.
  2. Click on the Advanced Explore tab.
  3. Expand VoIP Configuration | Voice Codecs.
  4. Set both Voice Codec-1 and 2 to Voice Codec: G.711 A-law @ 64 kbps.

  5. Click on the Advanced Explore tab.
  6. Expand VoIP Configuration | IP Routing Group | IP routing Group-default.
  7. Set Fax relay to “T.38 w / G.711 A-law fallback” and Fax modem coding to “G.711 A-law” Under the Fax /QoS tab.
  8. Click on the Advanced Explore tab.
  9. Select the Dial Plan tab

  10. Set the Dial Plan Country to “ None”, Progress Tone Country to “6-UK” (correct for non-UK), Minimum Dial Digit Length to “1” and Maximum Dial Digit Lenght to “30”. Clear all other  fields on this page.
  11. Please note: your Progress Tone Country may not be listed if you have not upgraded to the latest firmware.

  12. Follow the additional sections at the bottom of this guide if you are in France or Sweden before proceeding.
  13. Click on Confirm and submit the changes made.

Configure your Zetafax System

Your Quintum AF unit is now configured, so the next stage is to configure your Zetafax system. Please follow the correct  link for your FoIP connector for guidence.

Zetafax FoIP SR140 Edition


Zetafax FoIP Standard Edition


Additional Quintum Configuration Steps for France

  1. Expand  Circuit Configuration | Signalling Configuration | CAS Signalling Group-line
  2. Select the Analogue Specific tab
  3. Set Minimum Ring Frequency to “10Hz” and CMaximum Ring Frequency to “60Hz”
  4. Click on Confirm
  5. Submit  the changes made

Additional Quintum Configuration Steps for Sweden

  1. Click on the Advanced Explore tab.
  2. Expand  Circuit Configuration | Signalling Configuration | Cas Signalling Group-phone
  3. Select the Signalling tab
  4. Set DTMF on time to “144” and DTMF off time to “144”
  5. Select the Analogue Specific tab
  6. Set Impedance to “270 ohm + (750 ohm || 150nF)”, Cadence On Time to “2000” Cadence Off Time to “4000” then the Ring Frequency to “25Hz”
  7. Click on Confirm
  8. Expand  Circuit Configuration | Signalling Configuration | CAS Signalling Group-line
  9. Select the Signalling tab
  10. Set DTMF on time to “144” and DTMF off time to “144”
  11. Select the Analogue Specific tab
  12. Set Impedance to “270 ohm + (750 ohm || 150nF)  then Minimum Ring Frequency to “25Hz” and cMaximum Ring Frequency to “50Hz”
  13. Click on Confirm
  14. Submit  the changes made


Tenor AF documentation and help guides

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Last Updated: 7th February 2011 (AF/MW)

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