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HOWTO: Restoring Zetafax functionality when upgrading OS from Windows 7 or later



ID: ZTN1915

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax 2012 Platform Feature Pack and above


This technote provides information on how to restore Zetafax functionality when upgrading a machine from Windows 7 or later to a newer version of the Windows OS.

More information

The following steps detail how to restore your Zetafax installation when updating a machine with an in place upgrade of Windows 7 or later to a newer version of the Windows OS. Note that both Zetafax Server and Zetafax Client are not automatically added to the programs list when performing such an upgrade. Instead, all program data is stored within the windows.old folder in the upgraded installation.

For the Zetafax Server

  1. Perform the operating system upgrade.
  2. Install Zetafax Server (2012 Platform Feature Pack or above) on your machine without running the Zetafax Configuration program or Zetafax Server.
  3. Browse to the windows.old folder on the root of the OS install drive (typically, this is the C:\ drive).
  4. Browse to the ‘Program Files\Zetafax Server’ folder for 32 bit systems, or ‘Program Files (x86)\Zetafax Server’ folder for 64 bit installations and copy the following files and folders to the new Zetafax Server root installation folder (e.g. ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Zetafax Server’). Where *.* is listed do a select all (CTRL+A) in the original source folder. If prompted about overwriting files and folders click 'Yes to All'.




User folders and faxes


Received fax archive (Only if archiving enabled)


Sent fax archive (Only if archiving enabled)


Server logs


Address book and indexes


Current fax queues


Custom coversheets


Custom letterheads


Custom attachments


System configuration

If using the Zetafax email gateway to send and receive faxes from your email client, you should additionally copy the following files:


Mail gateway configuration

  1. Start the Zetafax Configuration Program and go to ‘Server Settings’.
  2. Open the ‘Share Zetafax Folders’ wizard and go through the steps to share the server folder and make the necessary changes in Active Directory to support the Zetafax Client.
  3. If using the Zetafax email gateway to send and receive faxes, you may need to open the Email Gateway Settings and re-add your chosen mail service. All other settings should not need reconfiguring.
  4. Start the Zetafax Server.

For the Zetafax Client

  1. Perform a fresh install of the Zetafax Client and connect to the new server with your user credentials. Any settings will need to be re-set as they are stored in the registry.

Last updated: 15th September 2015 (NT/MW)

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