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HOWTO: Install a GSM Device with Zetafax



ID: ZTN1288

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax version 8 or later.


This document outlines how to install a GSM device with Zetafax and other considerations you will need to take into account before the install.

More information

Sending a SMS message from the client was introduced in version To activate this option you must install the SMS add-on licence.

There are a number of points you need to take into consideration before you install the device:

  • The GSM device acts like a mobile phone without a keep pad and a screen. Please be aware that when sending you will need to be in an area of good reception. One way of checking this is by using your own mobile phone to check the reception level.
  • The pin number on the SIM card will need to be removed. This is to ensure that if the device is rebooted will not be on a prompt waiting for a pin number to be entered.
  • Please ensure that there is spare com port on the machine as the device needs to be connected on this.


  1. The installation of the device is done by the Zetafax device configuration wizard.
  2. From the Zetafax configuration screen highlight Devices and right click to bring up the option to add new device.

  1. Select SMS device, then click on Add.
  2. You will now be presented with a screen listing the devices you can add, if your device is not presented then select 'not on list'.

  1. Give the device a description and select the COM port it is using. When entering the service centre number ensure that you have added +44 before the number (or the appropriate country code).
  2. Once you have done this please click on 'OK' and 'Next' to finish.


ZTN1243-HOWTO Enable Zetafax to receive SMS messages to the Zetafax client.

Last updated: 14 December 2005 (MS)

First Published: 1 November 2004 (IM/SV)

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