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HOWTO: Increasing the refresh rate for the ZfxGetServerStatus API function



ID: ZTN1015

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax API version 5.5 and later


The ZfxGetServerStatusEx API function returns information about the server status, including the status of devices and the number of entries in the server queue.  It reads this information from a data file, STATUS.LOG, which is updated by the server periodically.  By default this is updated every 10 minutes, and so the values returned by the function will only change every 10 minutes even if you call it more frequently.  This frequency can be changed using an INI file setting.

More information

The ZfxGetServerStatusEx and ZfxGetServerStatus functions are intended for programs which wish to perform background checking of the server status, to alert in case of device failures etc.  The information returned by the functions is stored by the Zetafax server in the file STATUS.LOG, updated by default every 10 minutes.

The update frequency may be changed using the following line in the [QUEUEMAN] line of the settings file zfax\SYSTEM\Z-DB\SETUP.INI

QueueStatsFrequency: < frequency>

where '< frequency> ' is the update frequency in seconds.  A value of '0' will disable updating.

There is an overhead in creating this file, so you should avoid making the update very frequent.  We recommend a minimum of 60 (ie 1 minute).

Please note that this function is not designed for use in tracking individual messages.  This should be done using the per-message functions (eg ZfxGetMsgInfoEx) which give real-time information when called.

Last updated: 11 January 2000 (GC/GW)

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