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HOWTO: How to configure a HP Multi Function Printer integrated with DSS (Digital Sender Software) for sending faxes via Zetafax



ID: ZTN1764

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax 2009 and later
  • HP Digital Sender Software (DSS) (v4.0)

*The following HP MFP’s are confirmed as supported, to check for suitablility of other devices please contact Equisys Techical Support.

  • HP Color LaserJet CM3530fs MFP Printer
  • HP LaserJet M4345x MFP


Most companies have a requirement to send paper based faxes. HP MFP’s can directly integrate with Zetafax to send faxes. This removes the requirement for fax machines and allows users to send faxes from the MFP without a dedicated fax line.

From the MFP, Users can choose the recipient from an address book or manually enter the fax number before submitting to Zetafax for processing.

This document will explain the following:

  • How to enable a HP MFP network scanner support within Zetafax
  • How to configure the HP MFP Digital Sender Software’s LanFax settings for Zetafax
  • How to add and configure a HP MFP for use with DSS
  • How to setup the HP MFP to access Address Books
    • Setting up the Exchange Address Book using LDAP
    • Setting up the Outlook Personal Address Book

More information

How to enable HP network scanner support within Zetafax 

  1. Open the Zetafax configuration by selecting Start|Programs|Zetafax|Zetafax Configuration.
  2. From the Zetafax configuration select the ‘Server settings’ options, next double click ‘HPSCAN direct scan-to-fax program’.
  3. Click the check box next to ‘Enable the HP network scanner support’ to activate the HPSCAN support as below.
  4. Select the browse button to specify the directory which the HPSCAN program will check for scanned documents (.HPF files) to be faxed.
  5. If you plan on sending faxes from the HP MFP using domain authentication it is not necessary to configure the Zetafax user accounts section. If however, you plan on sending faxes anonymously you must configure a ‘Guest account’ or the Zetafax server will reject the fax.

How to configure the HP MFP Digital Sending Software’s LanFax settings for Zetafax

  1. If it is not already installed, install the HP MFP Digital Sending Software onto the Zetafax server.
  2. Note: The DSS software can be installed on any server, but we recommend the Zetafax server to avoid permissions related issues.

  3. Once the installer completes you will be presented with the HP MFP Digital Sending Software Configuration Wizard as shown below:
  4. Enter the Administrator details and choose Next.
  5. Add the IP Address of your SMTP Mail Server.
  6. Click Next and Next again to skip the Secondary Email Settings.
  7. If you require User logon at the HP MFP then you will need to configure authentication Settings. These vary between domains.
  8. *If Authentication is enabled, ensure DSS is added to the Windows Firewall exception list on the server hosting DSS.

  9. Under Fax Settings select ‘LanFax’ as the Faxing Method.
  10. In the Product Name drop-down box select Zetafax.
  11. The Folder path should point to the directory specified in the HPSCAN settings configured in step 3 of ‘How to enable HP network scanner support within Zetafax’.
  12. The Log-on Credentials: section does not need to be configured if the Folder path is located on a local drive.  If the HP Digital Sending Software and Folder path are located on separate servers, then Log-on Credentials must be configured.  In the later case, click ‘Verify Folder Access’ to confirm the configuration settings.
  13. When prompted choose “Verify access rights” and click Next twice to skip through the “Folder Settings” and “Workflow Settings” as this functionality isn’t required with Zetafax.
  14. Choose Next to accept the default location for the Temporary Files Folder. On the following pop up box choose “Yes” to configure the HP MFP.

How to add and configure a HP MFP for use with DSS

  1. Choose Start, All Programs, Hewlett Packard and select “Configuration Utility”.
  2. Choose the MFP Configuration tab and click Add to enter an MFP from the network.
  3. Enter the IP address of MFP or alternatively search for the MFP within Active Directory then choose Close.
  4. Tick to Select “Send to Fax”. Enable “Send to Fax” and choose to Send faxes “via the Digital Sender service” from the drop down menu. To receive notifications of successfully sends choose to receive a notification either by Email or Print. Choose Ok.
  5. Check the Enable Authentication box if you require the user to be authenticated before he/she is allowed to use the Digital Sending features of this HP MFP.  If authentication is required, check the Send to fax box and select the Default Domain from the drop-down list.
  6. Choose Ok and the HP MFP should be configured as shown below:

  7. DSS 4.0.x and later use longer filenames which are unsupported which Zetafax. Follow the technote listed to resolve this issue http://www.equisys.com/technotes/ztn1754.htm.

How to setup the MFP to access Address Books

There are 2 main address books which can be accessed when sending via a HP MFP are as follows:

  • Exchange Address Book
  • Outlook Personal Address Book

Setting up the Exchange Address Book using LDAP

  1. Open the HP MFP Digital Sending Software Configuration.  Select the Addressing Tab.
  2. Tick the box to “Enable LDAP Directory Replication”. Enter Logon credentials for accessing the LDAP Server as shown below.
  3. Choose ok. This will now allow users to access the Exchange Address Book from the MFP.

Setting up the Outlook Personal Address Book

  1. Open the HP MFP Digital Sending Software Configuration.  Select the Addressing Tab.
  2. Under Personal Address Books (PABs) tick to enable. This will allow users to send to any contact containing business fax information in their Outlook address book                                     

*Note-You must have MAPI installed on the DSS server to access PAB’s.


ZTN1754 - PRB: Faxes sent from a HP Digital Sender are not processed


First Published: 20th October 2009 (IN/MW)

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