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HOWTO: Create and customise a corporate coversheet



ID: ZTN1580

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Version 6 and above


Zetafax has various templates to help you create a coversheet. This document will detail how to create a custom coversheet with your corporate logo.

More information

To create a custom coversheet you need to follow these instructions:

  1. Open a blank word document in MS Word
  2. Import and position the logo where you would like it to be placed on your coversheet
  3. Print the document to the Zetafax Printer, the addressing wizard should start up
  4. When asked what to do with this document, select "save as an attachment or other system file"
  5. Select save as "coversheet, letter head or attachment file"
  6. You will be asked which format you would like to save the file as, you need to select "coversheet background-optional" and populate the filename and description fields
  7. When you press ok, Zetafax will ask you whether you would like to use the default coversheet foreground, select "yes". The coversheet has been saved.
  8. Now you can edit the information that is displayed on your coversheet by opening the coversheet editor.
    You can access this from the Zetafax client (tools> > coversheet editor) or Zetafax Server configuration console (coversheets> > right click the coversheet and select edit)
  9. The coversheet is made up of 2 zones, the foreground and background. The background contains the corporate image, and is accessible by selecting "view" and "edit background". You can reposition the image by drawing a box around it and moving it around the page.

    The foreground holds other data, such as fax number, recipient and notes box. You can add new fields/text boxes by selecting "insert" from the toolbar.
    The information displayed here will be populated from information entered in the addressing wizard of the Zetafax client, for example, when you add a notes box, the information is pulled from the notes box in the addressing wizard.


HOWTO: Adding custom variables to Coversheet editor

Last updated: 30/04/07 (TA/PJ)

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