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HOWTO: Create and Apply Stationery in Zetadocs PDF



ID: ZTN3522

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetadocs PDF Version 1.0 or later.


Zetadocs can add electronic stationery to your document quickly and simply.  You can create your own stationery using any windows based application.  With electronic stationery, you can apply standard letterheads, company logos and contact information to individual or multiple documents giving your document a more professional look. 

This document will explain the following:

  • Creating custom stationery.
  • Adding stationery to your documents.

More information

Creating Stationery

Stationery can be created using an application which allows you to import images.

1)            Prepare the graphics and layout of your custom stationery in a suitable program e.g. Microsoft Word.

2)            Print it to the Zetadocs PDF Printer.

3)            Check the layout of your stationery in the reading pane of the Zetadocs client.

4)            When you are happy with the stationery, save it using the Save As Stationery option in the File menu.

5)            The Save menu will appear.  By default, Zetadocs will prompt you to store stationery locally on your PC, meaning it will only be available to you.  As an option, stationery can be stored in a central location on the network so that it is available to all network users.  To save on the network, browse to the network location whether your Zetadocs documents are stored. 

6)            Choose a filename and click on Save to save your stationery.

The newly created stationery can now be applied to any document in Zetadocs.

Applying Stationery

Stationery can be applied to a single page, sections of a document or the entire document.

1)            Select the document you would like stationery applied to from the document explorer window.

2)            Select Accessories from the top menu bar.

3)            From the panel on the right you will see the Accessories window, select Stationery from the Type drop down.  Your stationery will be listed here, select the one which you would like to apply.

4)            The stationery can be added in three different ways:

a) To apply stationery to a single page, drag and drop the selection into the desired page.
b) To apply stationery to a section, press the add button in the accessories Window.
c) To apply stationery to the whole document, click and drag it to the Document Explorer Window.

Last updated: 28th April 2006 (JW/EB/PC)

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