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HOWTO: Configuring Zetafax (pre 6.01) with MS Terminal server.



ID: ZTN1041

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax Version 5.0 to 6.00f
  • Microsoft Terminal Server 4.0
  • Citrix MetaFrame 1.8


Microsoft Terminal Server with the Citrix ICA client allows non-Windows based clients the ability to run the Zetafax client in a MetaFrame client session. To enable this it requires further configuration of the Zetafax client as detailed below. 

More information

MS Terminal Server users submit faxes from applications using the "Zetafax FaxMerge Printer" - the alternative "Zetafax Printer" is not supported under Terminal Server. Once Zetafax is installed, a user can fax a document by selecting Zetafax FaxMerge Printer from the print menu. This causes the file ZETAFAX.SPL to be created and spooled to a directory where it is collected by the Zetafax application and faxed.

To prevent concurrent thin client users from overwriting each other's spooled files, each user's home directory is mapped to a common drive letter.

Having a common drive letter mapped to a user's home directory accomplishes two things. It allows the spooling from the Zetafax FaxMerge Printer queue to be set to one location, the single mapped drive letter, and still have the files sent to each user's home directory. Similarly, it allows the Zetafax workstation to look for the spooled files in one location and find them in each user's home directory.

The following instructions assume each user has an assigned home directory with full rights to that directory.

Installing Zetafax Software

  1. Logon to the Terminal Server as Administrator.
  2. Open a command prompt and type: change user /install .
  3. Install Zetafax, adding users and devices when prompted.
  4. In the zfax\USERS directory, share each user directory and set permissions (We suggest to give full control only to that particular user), where 'zfax' is the name of the directory where the Zetafax server files are installed.
  5. Logoff and back on as a Zetafax user.
  6. In file manager, map a network drive (suggest: Z) to the zfax\USERS directory of the Zetafax user that you are logged on as.
  7. Note: Repeat Steps 5 and 6 for each user configured in Zetafax.

  8. Log off and back on as administrator.
  9. Open a command prompt and type: change user /install .
  10. Run the Zetafax Workstation setup again and choose " Edit configuration - advanced settings after installation" .
  11. When asked which network login name you want to use, choose " Neither of the above (uses USERNAME variable instead)" .
  12. On the next screen leave the username blank.
  13. When asked where you want the spooled print files and workstation log files to be stored, choose Z:\ (where Z is the drive that you mapped).
  14. Open a command prompt and type:  change user /execute
  15. Open the print manager and view the properties for the Zetafax FaxMerge Printer. " Print to" should show the path Z:\zetafax.spl (where Z is the drive that you mapped for each user).

Note: You will have two printers associated with Zetafax. The Zetafax FaxMerge and the Zetafax Printer.  The Zetafax Printer will not be needed by the workstations so you may either remove their permission to use it or delete the Zetafax Printer. 

If you have a previous installation of Zetafax you will need to remove some registry keys. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE | Software | Microsoft | WindowsNT | Current Version | Ports. Remove any key that refers to a zetafax.spl file except the one for your mapped drive

Note: When faxing from any application you must be sure to have the Zetafax client open and minimized on the desktop and you must print to the Zetafax FaxMerge printer.


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Last updated: 14 January 2000 (GC/GW)

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