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HOWTO: Configuring the HP 8100C Digital Sender with Zetafax



ID: ZTN1121

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Version and later


The HP 8100c Digital Sender can be configured to use the Zetafax SMTP gateway as the 'I-fax' service provider.

The 8100c submits e-mail messages to a SMTP mail server, which are then routed to the intended recipient. The Zetafax SMTP gateway acts as this server, providing a fax gateway for Internet mail messages.

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As a prerequisite you need to configure the Zetafax SMTP gateway to receive faxes addressed to a host name (e.g. fax.yourdomain.com) from your SMTP server.  Ensure e-mail clients can send messages through the SMTP mail server to a fax address (e.g. 02072034000@fax.yourdomain.com) and receive a successful reply.  Once these tasks are verified it is then possible to configure the 'I-fax' settings on the HP 8100c Digital Sender.

Follow the instructions below to enable this:

  1. Install and configure the 8100c as per the manufacturers instructions, checking the configuration by sending an e-mail.
  2. Create an e-mail account on the SMTP mail server for the 8100c to use and enable the e-mail account as a Zetafax user on the Zetafax Server.

Note: This is the account where confirmations will be sent to for all users.

  1. Enter the 'I-fax' configuration settings buy pressing 'Alt+F4' on the 8100c console.
  2. Choose 'Settings' and scroll down to 'I-fax'.
  3. Configure the following:

Fax Provider Domain:

Enter your fax domain name here (i.e. fax.yourdomain.com)

Fax # prefix:

Leave this field blank

Fax Postage:

Leave this field blank

Fax Account E-Mail:

Enter the Zetafax enabled e-mail address that is a valid return address for the receipts created in 2 above

Fax File Format:

Enter PDF from the list

  1. Save the settings and send a fax to test the configuration. The 8100c will send an e-mail to the SMTP mail server adding the pinned in fax number to the 'Fax domain' entered above, separated with an @, (e.g. 02072034000@fax.yourdomain.com).


For further information on configuring the Zetafax SMTP gateway, see the Zetafax 7 SMTP gateway user guide available for download from www.equisys.com/updates

Last updated: 15 February 2001 (JG/DH)

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