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HOWTO: Configure Zetafax to use a Novafax 128000 33600 Modem.



ID: ZTN1199

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax 7.5


The Novafax modem works as a generic modem for sending and receiving faxes with Zetafax, however DID (also referred to as DDI) information is not received and thus faxes are not routed if the line is configured to provide DID numbers. If you wish to enable DID routing then you will need to configure the modem within Zetafax using information below.

Note: This document only refers to the ISDN version of the Novafax modem. DID/DDI is not supported on analogue modem devices. If you require DID/DDI routing using analogue telephone lines Equisys recommend using Brooktrout TruFax intelligent fax cards. For more information please refer to the Equisys website (using the URL below).



When the modem is configured as a generic modem it does not pass AT commands during initialization that enable the DID functionality resulting in DID information failing to be processed. Special AT commands are required to be passed to the modem at initialisation in order for it to accept DID information.


The Novafax modem needs to be configured as a Spartcom Spartdis Terminal Adapter and an AT command needs to be entered into the setup.ini file to enable DID Routing. To do this work though the following steps:.

  1. Following the normal process reinstall the modem, however configure the modem by selecting the Spartcom Spartdis Terminal Adapter from the dropdown list in the device configuration settings (refer to the section on configuring devices in your Zetafax user manual if you have any problems).
  2. Exit from the Zetafax configuration program saving any changes you have made
  3. Browse to the zfax\SYSTEM\Z-DB directory (where 'zfax' is the location of the Zetafax program files) and open the SETUP.INI file with NOTEPAD.
  4. You will need to locate the modem configurations settings. Scroll down until you can locate the section in the SETUP.INI file for the modem that you have just configured. It will have the heading [FCLASS-N] where N is the number of the device. (See below for an example).


Description: isdn modem

Type: SpartaCom Spartadis terminal adapter

ClassPriority: 1.0,1,2,2.0,2.1

BaudRate: 9600

CheckInit1: & O1S111=2S112=3


ConnectTries: 1

DetectBusy: YES

DetectDial: YES



  1. Edit the CheckInit1: to read:

CheckInit1: & O1S111=2S112=3

  1. Save and exit from the setup.ini file, then restart the Zetafax server for the changes to take affect. The modem should now function correctly with Zetafax.
  2. Very this by configuring some routing rules. Then check to see if fax messages are routed correctly.


This behaviour is corrected by following the instructions detailed above.

Last updated: 29th September 2002 (IM/SV)

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