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HOWTO: Configure Zetadocs for GP for separate companies



ID: ZTN4090

This Zetadocs for GP technical note applies to:

  • Zetadocs for GP 2.0


This document describes the process for configuring Zetadocs to work with separate companies within GP.  You may wish to do this if you want to specify rules and settings depending on the company you are sending reports from.

More information

Ensure that all users a logged out of GP.

  1. On a machine with GP Client and also the Zetadocs GP Client administrator install, start the registry editor by going to Start | Run | “regedit” | OK
  2. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Equisys\Zetadocs for GP
  3. Edit the key “FirstInstallDone” and set the value to 0

  4. Start GP Client and log in as SA.
  5. Make sure you log into the company you wish to install Zetadocs.
  6. Click Yes to configure the company for Zetadocs.
  7. Once finished go to Administation | Zetadocs and separate settings can now be configured for the new company


ZTN4047- INFO What’s New in Zetadocs for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2.0

Last updated: 08 July 2010 (IN/MW)

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