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HOWTO: Configure the OKI MFP fax gateway with Zetafax



ID: ZTN1463

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax version 9.1 and later
  • OKI ES3640e MFP


This guide is designed to help you install and configure Zetafax to work with the fax gateway option of the ES3640e MFP by OKI Printing Solutions. The ES3640e can send a fax with Zetafax version 9.1 and later using either "Scan to Email" or the "Fax Gateway" features of the ES3640e. This guide will describe both how to implement each method in the following network environment:

  • Windows 2000/2003 Domain
  • Microsoft Exchange 2000/2003
  • Active Directory
  • Microsoft Domain Name Services (DNS)

When in different network environments, similar process must be followed using the software tools for that environment. Detailed instructions of other environments can be found in the Zetafax 9.1 Help system.


  • ES3640e MFP by OKI Printing Solutions.
  • Windows 2000 or 2003 Domain Environment with the following services configured and setup.
    • Microsoft Exchange System Manager
    • Active Directory Users
    • Domain Name Services(DNS)
  • Windows 2000 or Windows XP Personal Computer in the same Domain
    • Zetafax Server 9.1
    • Zetafax SMTP Gateway Server
    • Class 1 or 2 Fax Modem (Multiple modems per PC are supported)
    • Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 7.0. (Required only for PDF Faxing)


There are several steps that require setup to configure the ES3640e to function with the Zetafax server. These are listed below and each is critical to a successful installation. The examples in this document are specific to a Windows networking environment and may differ slightly in your environment. Additional detailed instructions are available in the Zetafax Help system:

  • Configure Zetafax SMTP Gateway
  • Configure DNS for use with Zetafax
  • Configure Microsoft Exchange for use with Zetafax
  • Configure Zetafax Server
  • Configure the ES3640e "Scan to Email" feature
  • Configure the ES3640e "Fax Gateway" feature
  • Configure the MFP as the automatic printer for faxes

Configure Zetafax SMTP Gateway

The Zetafax SMTP gateway server program is the Zetafax program that intercepts email (fax) messages from

the ES3640e MFP. It then, converts them into fax messages, and sends them to the Zetafax server for

transmission as fax messages.

Note: The SMTP gateway must NOT be installed on the Exchange server. It is recommended that you install it on the same PC as the Zetafax server. If the Zetafax server is installed on the Exchange server you must install the SMTP gateway on another PC that is not running IIS.

  1. Insert CD to launch the Zetafax installation program. Select "Zetafax Email Connectors" then Install "Zetafax SMTP Server".


  1. Follow the on-screen prompts and accept the defaults presented by the setup program.
  2. At the end of the installation click Finish to launch the Zetafax SMTP configuration applet.
  3. Once the configuration tool is open set the fields below as follows:

Domain Name

This must correspond to your corporate SMTP mail server domain address

(e.g. yourdomain.com)

DNS Server

IP address of the DNS server authoritative for your domain


Data Directory

Working directory of the Zetafax SMTP Server to store any incoming faxes or notification messages

Accept the default

Receive / Send Port

The Receive and Send Ports are set to 25

Accept the defaults

Receipt 'FROM'

Name that will appear in the 'FROM' section of message receipts routed through the SMTP Gateway


  1. Save your changes and restart the Zetafax SMTP Server service.

Configure DNS for use with Zetafax

Domain names are resolved by sending DNS name queries to a configured DNS server. The DNS server is a computer that stores domain name-to-IP address mapping records or has knowledge of other DNS servers. The DNS server resolves the queried domain name to an IP address and sends the result back. Configuring DNS for use with the ES3640e and Zetafax is required, allowing the ES3640e to easily communicate with the Zetafax SMTP Gateway.

Below is an example of configuring Microsoft Windows 2000 Server DNS for use with the ES3640e and the Zetafax SMTP Gateway.

  1. Add a new Host and a Mail Exchange to the DNS System.
    1. From you DNS Server, go to Control Panel | Administrator Tools | DNS.
    2. From your current Domain, Add a New Host called "fax". Set the IP address to the Zetafax SMTP Server.
    3. From your current domain, add a New Mail Exchange for the "fax" host.


When complete your entries should look as shown below:

  1. Test your DNS configuration using Telnet.
    1. Open a command prompt and type the following:


    1. Perform this test from both the Mail Server and the Zetafax Gateway server.
    2. If configured correctly you should see a response from the Zetafax SMTP gateway similar to the following:

220 yourdomain.com Service Ready

    1. If not, use the Microsoft DNS online help to rectify the problem. Once you have successfully confirmed name resolution of the FAX domain you are ready to create the OKI user account.

Configuring Microsoft Exchange for use with Zetafax

Your Microsoft Exchange Mail server requires that all email send requests come from a valid email user on the network. When using the ES3640e MFP to send a fax, an email is sent to the mail server then passed to the Zetafax server for faxing. To complete this process your mail server must receive this mail from a valid email user. This section describes how to configure a domain user for the ES3640e MFP on your exchange server.

  1. Add a new user to your Exchange Email Server.
    1. Using Active Directory for Users and Groups, add a new user as shown. A wizard will appear to help you create the new user.


    1. Configure the user with an email address that is unique for the ES3640e MFP. This is the address that the ES3640e MPF will use to authenticate to the Email server.

Zetafax Server Configuration

  1. Insert CD to launch the Zetafax installation program. Choose "Zetafax Server" and follow the setup wizard to install.

Once completed you should see the following programs in your program group.

  1. Launch the Zetafax Configuration program. The Zetafax Configuration program will launch in a console window.

Next we will go through configuring three key elements of Zetafax Server. The other elements listed provide feature and functions that are detailed in the Zetafax Help system.

  1. Zetafax Users configuration

The ES3640e must be setup as a user in the Zetafax Configuration. You must use the same username here as was used in the Email User setup. Simply add the same user as a Zetafax user and set the properties according to the description below.

Network Login ID

ES3640e MFP user name(Same name created in Email accounts)

Example: ES3640e

Full Name

Full Description of ES3640e Device

ES3640e in Engineering Department

Member of Group Optional



Allow sending from email gateway

This must be checked

Forward received messages via email



Email User name

Enter the full email address


  1. Zetafax Devices configuration.

Zetafax will work with a variety of different modems. For a complete list you can refer to the Zetafax Help system. When adding a new modem Zetafax can search for installed modems or install manually. This is done from Zetafax Configuration Utility using the Add Device selection. If you select manual install, a Wizard will walk you through the modem setup and includes a list of Modem manufacturers to choose from. After selecting the modem manufacture you will have the following properties to set-up for your modem.

  1. Zetafax Server Configuration

To get the ES3640e sending faxes to Zetafax Server, the Zetafax SMTP Gateway must be configured for your network. The Zetafax server will communicate with the Zetafax SMTP Gateway to receive the message and send the fax. This must be configured as follows:

  1. Using the Zetafax Configuration utility, select Server Settings. Select the first item in the list, "Email Gateway". You will see the following setup screen.

    1. Select Email gateway "Enabled" then select the Add Email button. You will see the next setup screen:

  1. Add SMTP Mail to the installed Drivers and select OK.
  2. Select "Configure" to configure the SMTP Mail Gateway.

    1. Make sure the Driver Enabled is checked. The SMTP Mail Path should already be configured.
    2. Add your domain name to the SMTP Domain name.
    3. Select "Test Connection". If the test fails, check that:
      1. The Zetafax SMTP server has been installed.
      2. The SMTP Mail path entered above is correct.
    4. Select OK.

In the Email Gateway configuration dialog, click the Rendering button. The Email Gateway Properties dialog provides two panels of settings: Applications and Rendering tab. You must install the ASCII driver as an absolute minimum. This is the driver which converts the text of the email message itself.

Note: In order to render PDF documents from the ES3640e MFP, you must install Adobe Acrobat 7.0 on the Zetafax Server machine. Additionally, there is an Adobe definition file that must be installed on the Zetafax server. Please go to my.okidata.com to obtain this definition file or call Oki Data customer support. Alternatively follow the instructions in the following article to obtain this file:


Configure the ES3640e "Scan to Email" feature

Now that Zetafax is setup and configured for sending faxes, it is necessary to configure the ES3640e MFP to communicate with the Zetafax Server. There are two methods to send a fax from the ES3640e MPF. "Scan to Email" and "Fax Gateway". The following elements must be set to allow the ES3640e to communicate with the Zetafax server.

  • Valid Email Address
  • SMTP Domain Address

These settings are configured using the ES3640e MFP Fiery Command Workstation. To configure these follow the steps below:

  1. Open Command Workstation. If not already installed, use the OKI ES3640e MFP Administrator Utilities CD to install Command Workstation.
  2. Connect to the ES3640e MFP and select "Server" then "Setup".

  1. Next Select "Network Setup" and the Service 3 tab and make the following settings.

Enable Email Services


Enable Print Via Email


Server Type



Outgoing Mail Server

Enter the IP address of your mail Server

Mailbox account Name

Enter the mailbox name for the ES3640e MFP

This must be the same name created in step 1 of "Configuring Microsoft Exchange for use with Zetafax"

Fiery Email Address

Enter the full email address, including domain, for the ES3640e MFP

Example: es3640e@yourdomain.com


Enter the password for this email user

Verify Password

Re-Enter the same password

Administrators Email Address

Enter the email address for the administrator for this ES3640e MFP

  1. Select "Save" then Select "Reboot the Server".

To send a fax via the "Scan to Email":

Sending a fax from the ES3640e using the "Scan to Email" feature is identical to sending an email. Zetafax server will intercept and fax any email that has the @fax domain in the email name. When using the "Scan to Email" feature you'll have access to the full address book and can broadcast up to 256 fax numbers.

The instructions below demonstrate how to send a fax using this method.

  1. Load your documents into the automatic document feeder.
  2. Select "Scan to Email" on the MFP operator panel.
  3. Press the Soft Keyboard selection on the Op Panel. (You can optionally select the address book for pre-programmed fax numbers.
  4. In the TO: field enter the destination fax number followed by @fax.

Ex: 8565551212@fax

  1. Press Start.
  2. The ES3640 will process the scanned documents and the Zetafax Server will intercept the documents and fax them to their destination.

Configuring the ES3640e "Fax Gateway" feature

To configure the ES3640e MFP to fax using its "Fax Gateway" feature follow the instructions below:

  1. From the ES3640e MFP operator panel, select Setup then Select Administrator Setup.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom and select Fax Gateway address.
  3. In the Fax Gateway Address box enter the following:


To send a fax via the Fax Gateway option:

Sending a fax from the Fax Gateway option is an alternative method for sending a fax that does not require adding the @fax domain to the fax number and allows you to specify a Recipient Name. Simply follow the instructions below to send a fax:

  1. Load your documents in the automatic document feeder.
  2. Select Scan to Email on the MFP operator panel.
  3. Press the Fax gateway key on the LCD display.


  1. Press the Fax number key.
  2. Enter the fax number you wish to send to via the numeric pad on the MFP operator panel and press OK.
  3. Press the Recipient name key on the LCD panel.
  4. Type the name of the recipient using the keyboard on the LCD panel and select OK.
  5. Press start on the MFP operator panel. The document will now be scanned and faxed via the Zetafax server.

Configure the MFP as the automatic printer for failed faxes

In order for you to be notified of when faxes fail it is a good idea to set up these to automatically print out to the MFP.

  1. Automatic printing is configured using the Zetafax Configuration program (Server Settings dialog).
  2. In the Server settings, click 'Automatic printing of sent faxes'.
  3. Use the 'Select' button to choose the MFP as the printer and click OK to select.
  4. Check only the 'Print failed faxes' check box and click OK to save your changes.
  5. Once you have made these changes exit out of Zetafax configuration and restart the Zetafax server application.

Note: Failed faxes will be printed on the specified printer. It is not possible to print a status report (with recipient information) of a failed fax message therefore there is no addressing information other than that which may be on the original document itself.


Additional information is available in the Zetafax help files on the Zetafax server.

Last reviewed: 8 November 2005 (GC/EB)
Date Published: 9 June 2005 (GC/SV)

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