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HOWTO: Configure a Cisco SPA122 Analog Telephone Adapter for Fax Relay



ID: ZTN1848

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax 2011 or later
  • Fax Relay addon


This technical note provides information on how to configure the Cisco SPA2102 (previously Linksys SPA2102) telephone adaptor for use with the Zetafax Fax Relay addon.

More information

The Cisco SPA2102 phone adaptor can be used to connect your existing physical fax machines to your Zetafax server. This will free up lines, saving on line rental, as well as integrating your existing fax machines into a centrally managed infrastructure. 

Step 1: Connecting the device.

The device comes with both an Internet and Ethernet port. We would recommend using the internet port, as the Ethernet port is enabled with DHCP by default which will affect other machines on the network.

Step 2: Enabling the web configuration tool

  • Connect a fax machine or phone to the SPA2102 telephone adaptor using the port marked phone1.
  • Test for a dialtone on the line. This can be done by picking up the phone.
  • Please enter the following commands from the telephone keypad:

Enable IVR menu


Factory Reset (if the status of the unit is uincertain)


Enable web admin via WAN port


Set the WAN IP address


  • Connect to the web interface using a web browser by entering http:// followed by the WAN IP address set in the step above. For example: where was set in the stage above.

Step 3: Configuring Lines

Once connected to the web management interface you will be presented with the status screen.

  • Please select Admin Login (this can be located in the top right of the screen below the banner)
  • Select the “Voice” tab, followed by the “Line 1” sub-tab. This will present you with the screen below.

  • Under the section labelled Proxy and Registration, please set the following fields.
    • Proxy: Zetafax Server IP Address:5060 (for example
    • Register: NO
    • Make Call Without Reg: YES
    • Ans Call Without Reg: YES
  • Under the section labelled Audio Configuration, please set the following fields.
    • Preferred Code: G711a
  • Please repeat Step 3 for Line 2

Step 4: Configuring the Dialing rules

  • Please select Admin Login (this can be located in the top right of the screen below the banner)
  • Select the “Voice” tab, followed by the “Line 1” sub-tab, then select the Advanced option.
  • Under the Dial Plan please enter the following text.
    • (xxxx | < : *>xxxx*,xxxxxx. | < : *DeviceID*>xxxxxx.)
    • Replacing DeviceID with identification number used for this device. We recommend that DeviceIDs are 3 digits, and start from 501 for the first device.
  • Please repeat Step 4 for Line 2

Please note you need to set the DID identifier so they are unique to each line.



Zetafax 2011 online help            http://www.equisys.com/support/help_and_resource/zetafax/help/setup/index.html?fax_relay3.htm

Last updated: 23rd May 2011 (AF/MW)

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