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ID: ZTN2027

This Zetalink technical note applies to:

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This document, details issues in Zetalink 1.0 that have been addressed in this release of Zetalink.

These issues are resolved by updating Zetalink to version, to update your installation please contact your Zetalink reseller.

Enhancements in this release

Zetalink Admin and User Configuration.

  1. The 'Welcome to Zetalink' email will now include the name of user who has been enabled, for all users.

Previously some users would receive an email but their user name would have been omitted.

  1. You can no longer use the 'enable multiple users' feature to inadvertently enable users on an Exchange server where Zetalink has not been installed.

You should only be able to enable Zetalink users whose mailboxes reside on an Exchange server where the Zetalink Exchange components have been installed. Previously it was possible to get around this check by enabling multiple users in one go, if one or more of which had mailboxes on an Exchange server without the Zetalink Exchange components.

  1. When enabling a user, the Zetalink user name that is created will have no spaces or other characters which may cause problems with Zetalink functionality.

Users are instructed to create bookmarks for the Zetalink WAP site on their WAP phones. These bookmarks should contain their Zetalink user names to speed up the login, however if their user name contained a space or an invalid character this won't work.

  1. If you are installing Zetalink on a Windows 2000 network with Active Directory, but the Exchange server was version 5.5 you would be unable to enable any users.

Previously Zetalink assumed that if Active Directory was available then all user's mailboxes would be listed there - which is not the case if the mail server is Exchange 5.5. Zetalink has now been changed so that if Active Directory is not available or if the user's mail account can not be found in Active Directory the administrator will be prompted to manually enter the user's mailbox details.

Zetalink WAP site.

  1. After changing the status of a task the user can now press the browser 'back' button to go back to the 'Task List' page.

Previously there was a fault in the 'task status changed' page which meant pressing the 'back' button resulted in the user being presented with the 'logon' page.

  1. It is now possible to print emails with attachments which have attachments.

Previously if you we're viewing an email from the WAP site and you selected the print option it would result in an error if the email had an attachment which itself had an attachment. This will now work although the 'attachment of the attachment' will not be rendered. Note the problem only arose if your Zetalink installation had rendering of attachments for remote printing enabled and the user selected the 'print attachments' option.

  1. When using Zetalink to 'accept' a meeting request the resulting 'meeting accepted' message now contains the date.

Previously the message said 'accepted on none'

  1. You can now add appointments on the final days of every month.

Previously the date validation routine used by the web site had it's month index out by one, therefore it behaved as if January had 28 days. Consequently you were unable to add appointments on January 29th, 30th and 31st, 31st March, 31st May, 31st August and 31st October.

Zetalink Exchange Components.

  1. The architecture of the Zetalink Exchange Component has been change to improve performance.

Note: As part of the changes made to the Zetalink Exchange Component we now require the 'NT4 Option Pack' on NT4 machines.

The installation of the NT4 Option Pack allows the Zetalink install to set up the Zetalink Exchange Components as 'Transaction Server Packages' with resulting improvements in reliability and stability. On Windows 2000 the Zetalink Exchange Components will run as a 'COM+ Application'.

Last updated: 4th February 2002 (GES/DH)

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