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FIX: Zetafax strips non-standard characters from the dial string when sending using SR140



ID: ZTN2065

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax 2014


Outbound faxes fail to send to specific numbers when using SR140 and a long distance suffix. An error occurs during the call initialization as the number called may differ from the original one.

For example, when attempting to send to this number “123456789&123”, Zetafax Server strips out the “& ” and the call fails.


A fault was identified in the software which caused wrong creation of the dial string using SR140 when sending faxes with a long distance suffix. This means that the dial string would be composed only of digits and standard characters, removing all other characters, and as a result it may fail to send.


This fault was corrected in a hotfix, which is available by contacting Equisys Technical Support and quoting the technote number ZTN2065.


Please contact your reseller or Equisys technical support to obtain the hotfix.

Last updated: 28th August 2014 (JV/NT) 

Keywords: Zetafax strips Ampersand(& ) character

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