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FIX: Zetafax Release Notes - Version 9.1



ID: ZTN1440

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax 9.1


This document details additional features that have been added within this release.  It also lists the issues with previous versions of Zetafax that have been addressed in this release of Zetafax.

Features included in this release

This update introduces the following new features: -

  • Connector for GoldMine version 2.  A GoldMine add-on licence is required to activate this feature.
  • Zetafax Update Service.  Allows the user to automatically download updates to the Zetafax software.
  • Zetafax CommsEngine Version 2.  A CommsEngine licence is required to activate this feature.
  • Brooktrout Express Exchange Service.  Users who purchase this policy will receive a replacement TR1034 board within 24hrs of notification of failure.
  • Software Assurance feature pack.  Available only to customers with a valid Software Assurance licence.  Including the following individual features:
    1. Ability to attach documents directly to a fax using the Zetafax Client (also available to Connector for GoldMine version 2 customers).
    2. Coversheet continuation.
    3. Number in-use protection.  To prevent dialling to numbers known to be in-use.
    4. Fax re-transmission header information on all re-transmitted pages.

Issues fixed in this release

Zetafax Server

  1. When using the rendering add on, the EPSTIFF module was not recognising certain types of PDF file, particularly those that were very short or conformed very loosely to the PDF standard.
  2. The Brooktrout TR114 Initialisation program was not correctly initialising ISA boards on an intermittent basis.
  3. The Brooktrout TR1034/Trufax BRI device controller was failing to pick up the Remote Fax ID and pass this through to the Queue Manager.
  4. The Brooktrout TR1034/Trufax BRI device controller was attempting to detect DTMF tone information on digital lines.
  5. SUBMIT file processing was failing when the submit file contained a 0x1A substitution character (commonly generated by AS400 systems).

Zetafax Client

  1. The Zetafax Client would intermittently experience problems if several windows were clicked on in quick succession
  2. The Zetafax Client would fail to display an alert for fax messages received by a user who is part of a group.


The issues mentioned above have been resolved with Zetafax version 9.1. For a full overview of the improvements made since the original Zetafax version 9 release, please also see the release notes for Zetafax Version 9 Service Pack 1

Please contact Equisys Technical Support if you have any questions about installing or using this update.

Zetafax is distributed in many other countries please refer to the Equisys website http://www.equisys.com/ for details of your local supplier.


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Email: sales@equisys.com


EQUISYS Inc - USA and Canada

Phone: (770) 772 7201

Fax: (770) 442 5789

Email: sales@zetafax.com



ZTN1392 - FIX: Zetafax Release notes - Version 9 Service Pack 1

Last updated: 17th February 2005 (GR/SV)

Last reviewed: 25 October 2005 (MS)

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