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FIX: Zetafax addressing dialogue box does not appear after printing to the Zetafax printer.



ID: ZTN1378

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax Client version 8.0 and version 9.0


After printing to the Zetafax printer from a supported application the Zetafax addressing dialogue box does not appear.


This issue is caused for different reasons dependent upon the version of Zetafax being used:

If using V8: The Zetafax user does not have sufficient permissions to the "log area" to successfully create a spool file

If using V9: The Zetafax user does not have sufficient permission to the Zetafax printer


Zetafax Version 8 users

Using Notepad, open the Zetafax.ini file, located in the C:\WINNT (WINDOWS) directory of the client machine. 

Locate the line referring to the "Log area:" The log area is the directory location where the Zetafax.spl file will be created when using the Print to Fax functionality of the Zetafax client. 

There are now two options:

  1. Give the user Full Control permission to the specified directory location
  2. Change the directory location and ensure the user has Full control permission to the new location

Once you have selected the work around which you plan to use, save the changes have been made save and close the Zetafax.ini and then restart the Zetafax client.

Zetafax Version 9 users

For a more detailed description please refer to ZTN1370 PRB: "This document failed to print" or "There was an error found when printing the document" error when printing to the Zetafax printer.

Locate the Zetafax printer, Start|Settings|Printers,

Highlight the Zetafax printer, right click and select properties.  Select the "Security" tab and grant the Zetafax user "Print", "Manage documents" and "Manage Printer" permissions to the Zetafax Printer.  Alternatively these permissions can be granted to a group of which the Zetafax user is a member, e.g. the "Everyone" group.


This behaviour has been identified by Equisys for the above mentioned versions

Last published: 26th July 2004 (AK/SV) Last updated: 13th December 2005 (AF/EB)

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