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FIX: Zetadocs for NAV Report not being loaded into the Zetadocs Client after printing.



ID: ZTN4188

This Zetadocs technical note applies to:

  • Zetadocs for NAV 4.2 on NAV 2009 SP1 or R2


Printing a report which has been modified to work with Zetadocs for NAV fails to load into the Zetadocs Client. When the Zetadocs Client opens and tries to load the print job it displays either a vague error message or doesn’t load the print job.


This may be caused by the reports copy loop value in NAV not getting initialize and subsequently returning a value of -10000000000 in the Zetadocs for NAV report ZdRef: text that is written to the report output. Zetadocs fails to process this value which is required to determine the page breaks in the report print output. We have found that the copy loop issue is only a problem on some versions of NAV.

How to verify

To verify this is the issue you are having follow the steps below:

  • After the print job fails, open the temp directory of your system (write %TEMP% in the address bar of your file browser and press Enter).
  • Find the EMF files from the print job beginning with AAA (eg. AAACF6000001.EMF).
  • Open the one that ends in 1 (just like the example) and zoom in the upper left corner of the image, you should see a reference number like this:

  • If this reference number is similar to -1000000000 then this technical note will fix your problem.


There is a hotfix available for this issue. To get this, please contact Equisys Technical Support (support@equisys.com).


This fault was corrected in a hotfix.

Last updated: 6th July 2012

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