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FIX: Visible HTML tags when sending through Lotus Notes with Zetadocs PDF Client



ID: ZTN4337

This Zetadocs technical note applies to:

  • Zetadocs PDF Client v9.1
  • Lotus Notes v9.0


When sending an email with the Zetadocs PDF Client through Lotus Notes the content of the email body contain HTML tags. The following is an example of an email body showing this behaviour:

FAO: Customer < BR> < BR> Dear Customer, < BR> I'm pleased to attach your order confirmation, reference number SO00000052. < BR> < BR> Kind regards, < BR> < BR> Sales Team< BR> < BR> < BR>


This is caused by an issue with the Zetadocs PDF Client when trying to construct an email message in Lotus Notes using HTML tags.


This fault was corrected in a hotfix, which is available by contacting Equisys Technical Support and quoting the technote number ZTN4337.


This behaviour was corrected in the hotfix detailed above.

Last updated: 12th May 2014 (WK/BM) 

Keywords: Lotus Notes HTML tags Zetadocs PDF Email

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