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FIX: Faxes received in Outlook have a received time stamp which is four hours behind



ID: ZTN1244

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Users, who receive fax messages via the Zetafax email gateway or from another user who received the original message via the email gateway, may report that the time stamp in the email message is incorrect.

All fax messages forwarded via the Zetafax E-Mail Gateway to Microsoft Outlook, where the Zetafax Outlook Forms and Extensions are not installed, have a time stamp of 4 hours behind the actual time they were sent.  Installation of the Zetafax Outlook Forms and Extensions will automatically correct this issue.  If, however, the fax message is forwarded from the Zetafax Outlook Form, then the 4 hour time difference is passed on with the TIF image contained within that e-mail.


Systems without the Zetafax Outlook extension installed fail to adjust time stamp value when faxes are forwarded


The issue is resolved by applying (ZFe2kup.exe). This is available on the Equisys web site ftp://www.equisys.com/pub/ZetaFax7.5/updates/ZFe2kup.exeas a separate download for Zetafax 7.5 users.  Note: The Zetafax Outlook Forms must be installed on the Exchange Server and the Zetafax Outlook Extensions must be installed on all systems that receive forwarded faxes into Outlook.


This has been identified by Equisys as a problem with the software versions given above.

Last updated: 8th August 2003 (AA/SV)

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