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FIX: Faxes received by AVM CAPI ISDN device do not appear in Zetafax



ID: ZTN1268

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax 7 or later
  • AVM B1, C2 or C4 CAPI card


When using an AVM CAPI card with Zetafax, received faxes do not appear in Zetafax, even though the sender has received a confirmation saying that the fax was sent successfully. This problem is usually intermittent.


This problem is due to a known issue in the AVM drivers which causes them to occasionally report that a fax was received successfully even though there was actually a error. As the fax was not properly received, it may not appear in Zetafax.

The drivers for CAPI devices used in Zetafax are not provided by Equisys. Instead, Zetafax relies on a module called CAPI2032.DLL which is supplied by the card manufacturer, and which provides an interface into the card's own drivers. As a consequence, problems in the drivers shipped with the board will affect Zetafax, but can only be solved by the card manufacturer.


AVM have produced updated drivers which correct this issue. These can be found on their Web site:


This behaviour was corrected by the updated drivers listed above.

Last reviewed: 21 October 2005 (GC/EB)

Date Published: 8 January 2003 (ET/SV)

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