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FIX: Error when signing in to Zetadocs Approvals



ID: ZTN4271

This Zetadocs Approvals technical note applies to:

  • Version 2.0 of Zetadocs Approvals


When signing in to Zetadocs Approvals the following error message is displayed:


This error message is displayed because of an update to the SSL certificate used by the Zetadocs Approvals website and the fact that remaining browser cookies are encrypted using the old SSL certificate. Since the new certificate can’t be used to decipher the cookies encrypted with the old certificate the site fails with the error message.


The solution to this problem is to remove the cookies in your browser. The list of supported browsers for Zetadocs Approvals is:

  • Internet Explorer versions 8, 9 and 10
  • Google Chrome versions 21 and 22
  • Apple Safari version 5 and 6
  • Mozilla Firefox version 15 and 16

Mobile Browsers

  • Safari on Apple iPhone 4/5, iPad 3/4
  • Internet Explorer version 10 on Microsoft Surface RT and Windows Phone 8 (Nokia)
  • Chrome on Android devices - Nexus 7 and Samsung Galaxy SIII

Please follow the specific steps to remove cookies in your browser. Steps can be found on the browsers help files.


This fault was corrected in version 2.0.72 of Zetadocs Approvals

Last updated:  27th August 2013 (WK/MW)

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