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FIX: Coversheets are intermittently rendered with speckles or dots, or completely black



ID: ZTN1982

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax Client Version 2012


When sending or previewing faxes with coversheets, on some occasions, the first page of the fax (the coversheet) is rendered with speckles, dots or is completely black. This can be seen in the Outbox, Sent Items, or when previewing with the Quick View option of the Zetafax Client.

This can also happen when saving faxes after annotation.


This issue is caused by the particular screen palette on a system where the system background colour may be set to an off white colour rather than fully white.

Zetafax Client provides screen annotations via the Zetafax Viewer. This module is also used when sending faxes that have a coversheet from the Zetafax Client.

When saving the fax image from a screen layout to a G3F file format, a conversion process takes place. Part of this conversion relies on switching colours from a screen palette to a palette that the G3F file uses. This conversion process can sometimes render off-white colours as black, due to G3F files being 1 bit colour images; whereas the screen bit depth is usually 16 or 32 bit.


A hotfix is available from Equisys Technical Support that corrects this issue.


This behaviour was corrected in the above mentioned hotfix

Last updated: 7th November 2013   (NT/MW)

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