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PRB: Zetafax server reports error 'Unable to communicate no answer error 327'.



ID: ZTN1236

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax version 5.5 up to Zetafax 2008
  • Brooktrout TR114 ISDN cards.


The datalink protocol can be changed to either point to multipoint (pmp) or point to point (ptp). The protocol will be determined by the type of basic rate line you have.


One of the symptoms of a datalink miss-match is:

                      Unable to communicate no answer error 327

More information

To change the datalink protocol call you will first need to determine the exact size in bytes of the bfax.sys driver. The briconf utility will work depending on the size and version of the bfax.sys driver.

The bfax.sys is stored in c:\winnt\bfax folder. To obtain the size in bytes highlight bfax.sys right click bfax.sys and select properties. You will now see the size in bytes.

If the size of the bfax is 77,408 bytes please download 77408apiv4.0 from;


If the size of the bfax is 80,384 bytes please download 80384apiv4.3 from;


Changing the datalink protocol to point to point.

Once you have downloaded the appropriate files, extract them to an empty folder. You should now have the following files.






Then follow theses instructions:

  1. Stop the Zetafax server service or shut down the server application.
  2. Open a command prompt screen and type in 'Net start bfax', this is to verify that the bfax driver is started.
  3. Place briconf in Zfax\server\btrout
  4. To convert it to point-to-point, create a text file called 'ptp.cnf', in this file enter the following line (including the space).

datalink ptp

  1. Save the file as  ptp.cnf and save it in the Zfax\server\btrout directory
  2. In command prompt navigate to the Zfax\server\btrout directory
  3. And then type briconf -p ptp.cnf.

Once the card has finished downloading this file close down the command prompt. The card is now configured to ptp.

Changing the card to Point to Multipoint

  1. To change the card to point to multipoint   create a text file called pmp.cnf in this file type in datalink pmp.cnf
  2. Save the file as  pmp.cnf and put it in   the Zfax\server\btrout directory
  3. In command prompt navigate to the Zfax\server\btrout directory.
  4. Then type briconf -p pmp.cnf.

Once the file has finished down loading the card is now set to point to multi point.

Last updated: 1st June 2009 (IM/MW)


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