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PRB: The Zetafax Viewer and Fax Preview pane display in English on Windows 98 Systems.



ID: ZTN1523

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax v2006 or later.
  • Windows 98 SE.


Tool tips, Right click menus and Messages in both the Zetafax Viewer and Fax Preview pane are in UK English and not in the foreign language selected from Options > Customise.


Currently Zetafax is only supported in UK English on Windows 98 systems, as the system settings need to be manually updated to allow translated strings to be used. 


Follow the instructions below to configure your system to display foreign language versions of the Zetafax Viewer and Fax Preview pane.  These instructions will need to be applied to each machine that wishes to display in any language other than English.

Note:  Autoexec.bat is a system file, and modifying system files can have an adverse effect on the performance of your computer.  Before modifying this file, it is recommended that you create a backup copy.

  • On each computer, install the Zetafax client.
  • Navigate to the C:\ drive.
  • Locate the Autoexec.bat and open this file for editing using Notepad.exe.  To do this right click on the file name, and select the Edit option.

Within this file, there are numerous instructions that affect your system. The line that needs to be modified is:

SET Path=%Path%;C:\Program Files\Common Files\Equisys

  • Add quotations to the path so that this instruction looks like:

SET Path=%Path%;" C:\Program Files\Common Files\Equisys"

  • Reboot the PC.

Note: Each time you upgrade your Zetafax client on a Windows 98 system, you will need to modify the Autoexec.bat file to keep your display settings.  After an upgrade the SET path string will change to:   

SET Path=%Path%;"C:\Program Files\Common Files\Equisys";C:\Program Files\Common Files\Equisys

To keep your settings, remove the extra information (;C:\Program Files\Common Files\Equisys) and reboot your system.


Currently Zetafax is only supported in UK English on Windows 98 systems.

Last updated: 30th May 2006 (PJ/EB)

Keywords: Annotation Control, Foreign Languages, Windows 98


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