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INFO: Zetadocs SharePoint Server sizing



ID: ZTN4052

This Zetadocs technical note applies to:

  • Microsoft SharePoint Server Foundation 2010
  • Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010
  • Zetadocs for Dynamics GP v2.1
  • Zetadocs for Dynamics NAV v4.x


Zetadocs uses Microsoft SharePoint technology to archive copies of documents that are delivered and also to store captured documents.

Your storage requirements will change over time as you archive more documents as will the SharePoint software technologies this technical note refers to. This technical note gives you information to help you decide on the initial SharePoint Server hardware required based on the number of documents to be archived/captured each day.

The information below is based on current Microsoft advice from links in the references section.

Server sizing

The following table lists the recommended hardware requirements for deploying Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010.

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Foundation server can use Microsoft SQL Server Express 2008 to store it's database however there is a database limit of 10GB, for larger installations a full Microsoft SQL Server licence is required.

Documents per day *

Initial Server Hardware Specification

Zetadocs SharePoint Fileplan **


64 bit Quad Core CPU, 4GB RAM

Required storage year one: 3GB ***



64 bit Quad Core CPU, 4GB RAM

Required storage year one: 30GB ***



64 bit Quad Core CPU, 4GB RAM

Required storage year one: 300GB ***


* In this example a document consists of 2 pages

** 30 million documents per library for acceptable performance. Default number of documents retrievable in a single list view is 5,000, however this can be modified.

*** Includes the growth in the SharePoint Shared Services and Search databases for the full text search indexing of the OCR'd documents as well as the growth in the content database.

Please Note: Due to SharePoint paging limits, the maximum number of documents it is possible to view from any one record using Zetadocs is 1900. If there are more than 1900 documents then the most recently added 1900 documents will be shown. Any documents not shown are present in SharePoint and can be viewed from there.




Last updated: 28th September (GC/IN/MW)


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