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INFO: What is new in Zetafax version 17.1



This Zetafax technical note applies to:

·         Zetafax version 17.1


This technical note describes the new features in Zetafax version 17.1.

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Zetafax version 17.1 adds the following features:

Windows Server 2016 support

This release supports Windows Server 2016, and includes new drivers for the Zetafax Printer and the Mail Rendering Subsystem printer.

Office 2016 support

The Zetafax Outlook add-in now installs automatically in Outlook 2016, and the Zetafax toolbar buttons are now displayed on the Outlook Home ribbon tab as with previous Outlook versions. This simplifies the installation process and removes the need to retrain Zetafax users after migration to Office 2016 from an earlier version of Office.

Exchange 2016 support

This release includes full support for Exchange 2016, including full validation testing with that platform.

Automatic server restart

The Zetafax Server can now be configured to restart automatically if any of the main server programs fails (exits). This option is intended for critical installations requiring high availability, or for sites experiencing intermittent network error or other system issues which affect the Zetafax Server programs.

In most sites the Zetafax Server programs run without issues, and the programs include a number of mechanisms to protect against system errors or other faults causing them to fail. However there are some issues which block the programs from operating – eg if they are unable to access key files on the main file store – and with any software application there is a risk of a software or intermittent hardware fault causing a program to fail. If this happens the Zetafax Server system manager (SYSMAN) is designed to detect that the failure then shutdown the server in an orderly manner.

With this release we have enhanced the system manager so that it can be configured to restart the server in this situation. To protect against permanent errors causing repeated restarts you can configure the maximum number of restarts in a given period. This means that the server is more likely to recover automatically from a system failure, improving resilience and reliability.

The option is disabled by default, and can be enabled on the General Configuration Options server settings screen in the Zetafax Configuration program.

Supported Office 365 subscription plans

Zetafax Exchange Online integration now includes support for all Office 365 subscription plans.

Zetafax version 17.1 also includes the software improvements detailed in the following technical notes:

·         ZTN2089 - FIX: Zetafax API halts execution when running code compiled for 64-bit using .NET Framework

·         ZTN2088 – FIX: Unable to archive faxes when using UNC paths with subfolders

·         ZTN2099 - FIX: The “/after” command is ignored when sending a fax via the SMTP Gateway

·         ZTN2107 – FIX: When printing to Zetafax printer the printer displays an error

·         ZTN2109 – FIX: “Invalid Parameters” error returned to sender when sending via Zetafax SMTP Server

·         ZTN2108 – FIX: Zetafax Client is not able to open faxes received using Zetafax Online

·         ZTN2110 – FIX: Unable to dial to 7-digit numbers with Zetafax Online

·         ZTN2112 – FIX: Event viewer entries for Zetafax Server do not contain any useful text

·         ZTN2115 – INFO: Changes in Brooktrout Driver version 6.7.5 update

·         ZTN2120 – FIX: Some pages in a fax received using Zetafax Online appear squashed or stretched

·         ZTN2117 – FIX: Zetafax Server shuts down when converting faxes to PDF format

·         ZTN2119 – FIX: Zetafax Server shuts down when receiving a fax.

·         ZTN2118 – FIX: Zetafax Client showing incorrect preview images when sending via ZSUBMIT

·         ZTN2116 – FIX: Outbound faxes fail to a small subset of recipients.

The following features have been deprecated with this release:

·         IBM Domino

·         Platform-specific support for terminal servers


This update is available free of charge to customers with a Software Assurance contract which is current at the date of release (14 June 2017).  It is available as a chargeable software version upgrade for other customers.

The update is recommended for all Zetafax version 17.0 and older systems.


ZTN2125 HOWTO Updating to Zetafax version 17.1

Last updated: 14th June 2017 (NT/GW)                        

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