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HOWTO: Specify font when rendering text (.txt) files



ID: ZTN1597

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax Server v2007


When attaching an ASCII text file (.txt) for rendering with the Zetafax Server, a default fixed-width font is chosen for rendering.  In some cases, a variable-width font (such as Arial) may be chosen automatically instead.  If you have a text file that has formatting that takes advantage of the fixed-width nature of text files (such as a text file with tables), this automatic selection of a variable-width font may ruin the layout of your text file.  In order to correct this, insert the embedded addressing tag %%[FONT] into the beginning of your text file.

More information

The %%[FONT] tag can be used with several different font and font sizes.  The format of the tag is:

%%[FONT: myfont]

where myfont is the font required, and is one of " ROMAN10" , " ROMAN12" , " ROMAN20" , " ROMAN5" , " ROMAN6" or " ROMANPS" giving 10cpi, 12cpi, 20cpi, 5cpi and 6cpi fixed space fonts, and proportional spaced font respectively.

This command is used to set the font to be used for the text file. 

Example: %%[Font:ROMAN10]

Please see the reference section for information on how to specify a variable-width TrueType font.


ZTN1093-HOWTO: Using True Type fonts with ZSUBMIT


Last updated: 18/05/07 (PF/PJ)


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