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FIX: Fonts render incorrectly in RTF documents



ID: ZTN1555

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax v2007 and later
  • DOCTIFF Rendering Add-on


When sending an RTF file as an attachment, the RTF file is rendered into a fax incorrectly.  In particular, some or all of the fonts are not rendered correctly.  In effect, the rendered fax document looks significantly different from the original RTF document.


The fonts are rendered differently because the original font used in the RTF document is not installed on the Zetafax Server where the rendering takes place.


Tell the DOCTIFF Rendering module what font it should use:

1)      instead of a particular font that is not installed on the Zetafax Server, or

2)      instead of all fonts not found on the Zetafax Server

To specify a particular font substitution put the following line in the SETUP.INI in the \Zetafax Server\System\Z-DB\ folder.  The line goes under the [DOCTIFF] paragraph.

SubstituteFont: "Original Font Name" "Replacement Font Name"

To specify that all fonts not found on the Zetafax Server should be replaced with a single default font, put this line in the same place:

DefaultFont: "Replacement Font Name"


  • Font substitution only affects fonts not installed on the Zetafax Server.  Fonts already installed on the Zetafax Server cannot be substituted.
  • Enclose all font names in quotation marks.
  • There can only be one SubstituteFont line and one DefaultFont line.
  • If neither of these lines are in the SETUP.INI file, the DefaultFont is set to Arial, and any previous font substitution will not apply to documents rendered from that point forward.
  • Both lines can be present, in which case the FontSubstitute line takes precedence over the DefaultFont line.


This behaviour was corrected in Zetafax v2007

Last updated: 16/11/2006 (PF/PJ)

Keywords: render rendering DOCTIFF fonts RTF change substitute substitution


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