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What's New for Zetadocs Client 4.2 (English Only)



ID: ZTN3563

This Zetadocs technical note applies to:

  • Zetadocs Client 4.2 (English Only)


  • This technote summarizes the changes in Zetadocs Client 4.2 (English Only) from v4.1.

More information

The following changes have been made to Zetadocs Client 4.2:

  • Deductive addressing
    • Zetadocs no longer maintains the recipients addresses if sending to the recipient was successful. Once a document has been successfully submitted to a recipient address that address is removed from the Zetadocs document. This helps to easily identify failed recipient submissions and avoids unnecessarily sending a document many times to one recipient.
  • Improved logging and delivery submission success notification

Bug Fixes in 4.2:

  • Improved support for Group Policy Installation
  • Improved support of Terminal Services
  • Support for Crystal Reports version 10 & 11
  • Printed document alignment fix
  • Minor Bug fixes

Last updated 12/03/2008 (MW/DH)


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