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PRB: "The API failed to initialise" error with Zetafax version 9 or later



ID: ZTN1387

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax version 9 or later
  • A Zetafax API application using an earlier version of the ZFAPI32.dll


When an application written using the Zetafax API runs it fails with the following error:

"The API failed to initialise" or "API Initialisation has failed"

Zetafax error: E_INIT_FAIL (0xF702)
Dispatch error: 62722
COM error: 0x8004F702

The application functions correctly with Zetafax version 8 but fails with the above error when an upgraded version of Zetafax is installed.

Applications using version 9 or later of ZFAPI32.dll function correctly.


The application is using an earlier version of the Zetafax API (ZFAPI32.dll) that requires a ZETAFAX.INI file to be present in the \Windows folder for initialisation to be successful. With Zetafax version 9, the Zetafax Client install no longer creates a ZETAFAX.INI file in the \Windows folder. Instead it uses a ZFCLIENT.INI file which is specific to each user and by default can be found in C:\Documents and Settings\< username> \Application Data\Equisys\Zetafax Client folder.


The problem can be resolved in two ways. The first method provides a quick fix to get the application working again, but in the long term we highly recommend the second method.

  1. Place a copy of a ZETAFAX.INI file in the \Windows folder. To do this, copy the file from the shared Zetafax directory (by default this is shared as Zfax on the Zetafax server PC). The file should be edited so that the paths point to the correct network share e.g.


Type: Init

Revision: A


ServerArea: \\w2ksrv\zfax\SERVER

SystemArea: \\w2ksrv\zfax\System

AllUserArea: \\w2ksrv\zfax\USERS

RequestArea: \\w2ksrv\zfax\REQUEST

MailArea: \\w2ksrv\zfax\MAIL

Please refer to the ZFCLIENT.INI file for the correct paths to the network share.


  1. Change your application so that you use version 9 of the ZFAPI32.dll. For applications that use the COMAPI or link to the dll, no coding changes will be necessary. For applications that are statically linked to the API, the application will need to be recompiled using the latest header files and linking to the latest library file. On the PC you wish to use the API, we recommend that you install version 9 or later of the Zetafax Client. This will do all that is necessary to enable your application to use the API.


This has been identified by Equisys as a problem with the software versions given above.

Last updated:  10 November 2005 (CT/EB)
First Published:   27 August 2004 (DH/GS)

Keywords: < API> < initialise>


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