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Paper still remains at the heart of many business processes. But paper-based systems are hard to monitor or control, and filing or retrieving paper documents is time consuming and expensive. There is a better way.

Zetadocs helps you streamline business processes, freeing you from paper and improving the way your business operates. Finance departments, customer services and all operational teams can work more efficiently on screen, saving time and costs, while offering better service levels to customers, suppliers and staff.

Save time and costs

Save time and costs

By moving paper-based business processes and unstructured emails to secure, easy to use software designed for efficiency.

  • Instantly deliver invoices, statements and reminders by email
  • Eliminate printing, handling and mailing of documents and emails
  • Remove storage costs associated with retaining paper documents
Improve service

Improve service

For customers and suppliers by helping finance, and customer services teams respond more quickly by having everything on screen.

  • Address urgent queries in real time, leading to strengthened relationships
  • File related documents automatically to help staff handle queries efficiently
  • Encourage earlier dialogue by emailing copy invoices or other documents
Reduced carbon footprint

Reduced carbon footprint

Care for the environment by reducing your dependence on paper by cutting the amount of paper printed and stored.

  • Deliver business documents using email instead of physical mail
  • Reduce the use of printer consumables and energy in sales processes
  • Capture and store documents electronically in place of filing cabinets







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The Zetadocs for NAV suite

The Zetadocs suite of business process add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics NAV help you process and approve supplier invoices, email sales invoices and notifications, capture proof of delivery, and manage travel and business expenses - all on screen smoothly and efficiently.


Zetadocs Express is available at no additional cost to NAV customers on a Dynamics service plan.

Email any NAV report from Dynamics NAV

  • Send any report individually
  • Automatic addressing of emails
  • Personalized email subject
  • File copies automatically in a choice of electronic archives

More details about Zetadocs Express here or tap the Delivery Essentials tab to read about delivery in batches

Zetadocs Express features, plus...

Configurable personalized batches

  • Bulk emailing of personalized invoices, statements and reminders
  • Consolidate multiple emails to same recipient
  • Flexible control over adding standard attachments like T&Cs
  • Flexible delivery rules set FROM email address, add additional recipients and change default delivery method
  • Read our Delivery datasheet

Tap the Delivery Plus tab to read about automating the distribution of documents from Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Zetadocs Express and Delivery Essentials features, plus...

Fully customizable automated batches

  • Override the entire delivery logic and rules with code
  • Schedule emailing of statements and reminders automatically using NAV Job Queues
  • Programmatic control over attachments e.g. attach copy invoices to reminders
  • Set additional archived metadata
  • Read our Delivery datasheet


Zetadocs Express is available at no additional cost to NAV customers on a Dynamics service plan.

Drag and drop archiving

  • File documents and emails against any NAV record
  • Sets standard metadata e.g. record no. for filtering document lists in SharePoint
  • Drag and drop in the 32-bit NAV Windows Client (RTC)
  • Touch and choose to attach files with any NAV client – Windows, or NAV HTML clients (incl. Web, Tablet, Phone clients and Universal App)

More details about Zetadocs Express here or tap the Capture Essentials tab to read about handling batches of scanned and emailed documents

Zetadocs Express features, plus...

Batch capture scanning

  • Batch processing of scanned documents to NAV Sales and Purchase records
  • Configure additional SharePoint archive metadata
  • Find files and emails attached to other NAV records from any NAV record
  • Check files in and out of multi-user document queues
  • Read our Capture datasheet

Tap the Capture Plus tab to read about automating the filing of received documents, linking each to Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Zetadocs Express and Capture Essentials features, plus...

Automated filing using barcodes


Purchase order and invoice authorization

  • Approve NAV purchase records from any browser
  • Delegate blocked approvals
  • Flexible rules for automated routing
  • Add almost any NAV field as custom data
  • Automated reminders of overdue approvals
  • Read our Payables Approval datasheet


Capture, submit and approve travel and business expenses for reimbursement

  • On the go capture of expenses, sync when back online
  • Upstream policy checking ahead of claim submission
  • Multi-stage approval with automated reminders
  • Seamless NAV integration for reimbursement
  • Find out more

Zetadocs saves time, cuts costs and improves service levels

Find out how from our sales team or discover our solutions.

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