Smart expense capture

Faster reimbursement with less effort

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Quick, convenient expense reports

Let the Zetadocs Expenses app create expenses for you automatically, extracting information from receipts or transactions, making it quick and easy to submit expenses accurately.  

More convenient

More convenient

Capture and submit expenses on the go, with no need to manually rekey data from receipts or transactions or complete a paper form at the end of each month, saving you time.

Smart expense capture

Smart expense capture

Simply snap a photo of a receipt and watch Zetadocs Expenses use AI to extract the key information and create the expense automatically (or match it to the relevant credit card transaction).

Fast reimbursement

Fast reimbursement

Submit expenses correctly first time with automated expense limit warnings and mileage calculation using Google Maps, along with an approval workflow that helps you get paid quicker.


We use Zetadocs Expenses a lot and appreciate how well it works for us.

Expense reports in half the time

Zetadocs Expenses automates many of the manual, time-consuming steps involved in submitting expenses, reducing frustration and freeing up time to work on your core job.

Faster reimbursement

The Zetadocs Expenses app offers a fast and easy process of capturing receipts and transactions, enabling you to submit expenses anytime, anywhere. This can help reduce the time it takes for you to get reimbursed, as creating an expense report is so much quicker, as well as being easier for finance teams to check and approve.


Zetadocs Expenses automatically checks expenses reports and gives warnings if required to help ensure accuracy and compliance with company policy, such as that on business mileage. This reduces the likelihood of expense reports being rejected and causing reimbursement delays.

Company credit cards

When corporate credit card holders capture an expense receipt, Zetadocs Expenses can automatically match it to the relevant payment transaction. Alternatively, card payments can be automatically imported to Zetadocs Expenses using daily bank feeds, meaning they are quickly visible to cardholders for submitting their expenses. Either way, company credit card management is a breeze.


Available on Microsoft AppSource

You can get the Zetadocs Expenses extension for Business Central from Microsoft AppSource here

Zetadocs Expenses is also available for other finance systems. Contact us for more information.

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The benefits of smart expense capture

This article delves into the advantages of smart expense capture.

In today's fast-paced business environment, handling expenses can be tedious. Smart expense capture brings a transformative change, offering convenience, accuracy, accessibility, and speedy reimbursement.

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