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Zetafax is our award winning fax server software that delivers secure, fast and cost effective document distribution.

Simple to install, easy to manage and highly reliable, Equisys has a proven track record in providing businesses with complete fax server solutions that generate real cost savings whilst streamlining their business processes. This is why Zetafax has been the proven choice of fax server for over 65,000 customers worldwide.

The benefits of fax server software

Fax server solutions hold a number of advantages over manual faxing:

Business class support

As a leading provider of fax software solutions for business, Equisys is committed to ongoing development of Zetafax to ensure that it is fully compatible with the latest Microsoft platforms, and supports the latest technology. Also providing first class customer support, Equisys is perfectly placed to assist you in all of your faxing requirements both today and in the future.

Faxing with Office 365

The Zetafax Exchange Online Connector provides full support for Office 365 email. Users can send and receive faxes directly in Outlook, just like email. More details.

Fax over IP

Zetafax supports your Voice over IP (VoIP) telephone system (or IP-PBX) and SIP trunking. More details.

Server virtualization

The Zetafax fax server software can be installed on virtualized servers running VMware (ESX and ESXi), vSphere Suite or Microsoft Hyper-V. More details.

A short introduction to Zetafax

This 90 second introduction explains the basics of how Zetafax works

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