Automatic order matching

Immediate time savings
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3-way PO matching

Automatically match purchase invoices to purchase orders and receipts, ensuring accurate and timely payments to vendors.

Automated matching

Automated matching

Instant, automated line level matching of invoice, order and receipt documents that is simple to use with all the information shown on one screen

Payment control

Payment control

3-way matching ensures invoices are only paid after the goods or services are received, with instant visibility of the related orders and receipts

Accurate payments

Accurate payments

Automatic cross-checking of the invoice line amounts against the purchase order and receipt lines, to ensure the correct payment is made


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Zetadocs has streamlined our accounts payable. By removing the need for paper based processes, the solution has saved us a considerable amount of time. I highly recommend it as a solution.

Introduce automated controls

Take control of your AP processes to ensure payments are only made after receipt of goods and are for the correct amount.


Zetadocs Capture provides instant automated line level matching, without the need to configure vendor-specific rules. Related purchase invoice, order and receipt lines are all shown at-a-glance on screen to make PO matching simple.

Improve payment accuracy

Reduce the delays and payment errors associated with human error that can easily occur when manually matching data between purchase orders, invoices and receipts.

Segregation of duties

AP teams can receipt PO lines using Zetadocs, if this flexibility is needed, otherwise this capability can be disabled to enforce a segregation of duties between the finance and warehouse teams.


Available on Microsoft AppSource

You can get the Zetadocs Capture AP Automation extension for Business Central from Microsoft AppSource here

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