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A rollup with a twist

Greg Cole

Zetadocs rollup with a twistIn the previous blog about  Zetadocs for NAV update Roll up! Roll up! we talked in detail about why we feel these are an important part of our investment in providing our customers, and the Dynamics NAV partners that support them, with a simpler update mechanism.

We’ve just released the latest Zetadocs for NAV update rollup, but this time with a big difference.

FOB-independent updates

This update rollup introduces a new mechanism that allows the Zetadocs NAV Client and Zetadocs NAV Server Extensions to be updated independently of the Zetadocs NAV Objects.

The Zetadocs NAV Client and Zetadocs NAV Server Extensions are provided as separate downloads on the software updates page, and applying them to a system is as simple as running the installation program.

Apart from reducing the complexity of applying an update, one of the main benefits of this approach is that customers can apply the update themselves if required without involving their NAV partner, who previously had to import the corresponding FOB file containing the Zetadocs NAV Objects, to complete the update.

Backwards compatible

This update mechanism is backwards compatible as far back as version 5 of Zetadocs for NAV, meaning there is no need to automatically update the Zetadocs NAV Objects to apply a fix available in the latest Zetadocs NAV Client or Zetadocs NAV Server Extensions, to update an earlier Zetadocs for NAV system.

Going forward, the Zetadocs NAV Objects will only require an update if you want to add new functionality or if we’ve issued a specific fix in our Zetadocs NAV Objects. In which case we’ll make that very clear on the software updates page for your version of Zetadocs for NAV.

Extending our NAV support

Microsoft recently announced they are ending mainstream support for NAV 2009, and NAV 5.0 SP1 has already entered its extended support phase.

This update continues to work with the version of NAV you have and fully supports both NAV 5.0 SP1 and NAV 2009, along with NAV 2015 and everything in between.

Better performance

The update rollup also includes performance enhancements to the archiving mechanism and significantly improves the time taken to file documents to SharePoint and SharePoint Online.

For more details on these and the other enhancements and fixes in this rollup, please review the release notes here.

Really Simple Syndication (RSS)

Remember to sign up to the Zetadocs for NAV RSS feed to get notified when we issue new update rollups or knowledgebase articles that may be applicable to you.

You can simply redirect the RSS emails to your inbox if you prefer, so that updates arrive in your Outlook inbox like regular emails. To do this, add the RSS feed via the Outlook Account Settings Window within Outlook (File|Info|Account Settings|RSS Feeds), and use the Change folder button to change delivery location to your Inbox.

Zetadocs RSSAvailable now

This is a recommended update for all Zetadocs for NAV systems from version 5.4 upwards. The Zetadocs NAV Client update needs to be applied to each PC using Zetadocs and for customer sites with many users, we recommend using Group Policy for automated software installation. Download the update rollup today.

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