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Roll up! Roll up!

Greg Cole

refresh_thumbWe’ve just released the fourth update rollup for Zetadocs for NAV. Update rollups include all the newest patches and hotfixes since the last version release.

Historically, Microsoft pioneered this rollup mechanism as a way of helping their customers (and the partners who support them) access a single update that includes the cumulative set of post release hotfixes, before the number of fixes becomes unwieldy and confusing.

Spreading the load

We decided to adopt update rollups earlier this year as a way of also giving our partners a simpler update mechanism. These regular updates, typically monthly, also help us ensure that the quality of the software remains high, with additional testing over a longer period ahead of a major release so I wanted to give everyone a little bit more information about what is included in our latest rollup.

Start here

Microsoft is about to make “Windows Blue” generally available and the start button will again take pride of place in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen.

We know how important it is that we support these latest platforms and applications as quickly as we can. Paul recently blogged that as an organization we’ve committed to do that within 90 days of Microsoft’s general availability date.

However this Zetadocs for NAV update has already been successfully tested against Windows 8.1 and Server 2012 R2, enabling us to add support for these platforms well ahead of this commitment.

Check out the view

Although update rollups are mainly fixes, they occasionally include additional or enhanced functionality to existing features.

Zetadocs Capture Essentials includes multi-user documents queues that enable batch processing of scanned documents. These document queues are highly flexible in that they can be used to link to existing records; alternatively they can be used to create most common sales and purchase documents. They also offer multi-user control with the ability to check out documents you are about to work on so that others in your team don’t start processing them too.

We’ve now enhanced this feature so that you have the option to ‘check out on view’, great for fast-paced environments, like call centers, where speed is a critical component of customer service.

Being original

Document queues by default archive a converted version of the original scanned or captured document. These PDF/A documents are optimized for long term storage by embedding any special fonts that exist in the original captured document, helping to ensure they can be viewed as the author intended many years from now.

In certain scenarios it is advantageous to store the original document instead of the converted one, for instance where ongoing collaboration on the captured document is required. Zetadocs document queues now offer this enhancement as a per queue option, giving you the power of choice.

Zetadocs for NAV update rollups are available without charge to our customers with Software Assurance and can be downloaded here (


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