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What’s new in Zetadocs Expenses May 2021 update

Custom format card transaction files

Gareth Williams

This article describes the new features and other improvements in the May 2021 update of the Zetadocs Expenses service.

Zetadocs Expenses

Release date and version


May 18, 2021 (version 3.4.21134)

Apple (iOS) app

May 19, 2021 (version 3.4.21134)

Android app

May 18, 2021 (version 3.4.21134)

Extension for Business Central

December 7, 2020 (version 1.2.20326)

Included in version 3.4.20328 of the Zetadocs Expenses Connector download for on-premises Business Central systems.

Available on Microsoft AppSource for Microsoft hosted cloud systems within ten working days of this release date.

Not updated in this release

NAV Server Components

December 7, 2020 (version 3.4.20307)

Included in version 3.4.20328 of the Zetadocs Expenses Connector download.

Not updated in this release

Reporting Template

April 5, 2019 (version 1.0)

Not updated in this release

Changes in this update

Feature enhancements

Payment Card Types

We have added a new section to the admin site for configuring Payment Card Types.  These are used to configure settings which are shared by multiple payment cards – for example the file format used for importing card transactions.

When configuring payment cards for you should create a Payment Card Type before configuring the Payment Method for each card.  For existing systems which are using payment cards a Payment Card Type has been created automatically.

Payment Method Types

When you add a new Payment Method, you now choose one of three different types which determine how the system treats expenses using that payment method.  Reimbursable Cash is used for the default Cash payment method, and can also be used for any other payment method which needs to be reimbursed to the user.  Payment Card is used for company payment cards where the card transactions will be imported and must be linked to expenses.  Non-Reimbursable Cash is used for payment methods like Petty Cash which do not need to be reimbursed or matched to individual payments in the system

Custom transaction file formats

You can now define the format of the file which is used for importing transactions for company payment cards.  This reduces the need to edit the transaction file from your bank to match one of the standard system formats.

The file format is defined from the Manage Payment Card Type screen by giving the column header or column number for each field.

Standard transaction file formats renamed

We have changed the standard format names used for payment card transaction files.  These now use generic names (eg “Standard Format AM1”) rather than using the bank name.

The standard formats are documented in the online help site.  We recommend creating a custom import format to match the file downloaded from your bank.  However the standard formats are still available if you wish to continue using these instead.

Simplify matching of refund transactions

When matching transactions and expenses, the system will now only list items of the same type (payment or refund).  This simplifies the matching process for users and reduces the risk of mistakes.

Quality and performance improvements

This update includes a number of quality and performance improvements, including the following:

Improve sign in time for client app

We have improved the process for downloading the list of expenses and other data when signing in to the mobile and desktop client apps.  The reduces the time to sign in to the app, particularly for users with large numbers of expenses and receipts.

Block transaction matching after Payment Card Report approval

The Expenses app now blocks users from matching transactions on the Edit Payment Card Report screen once the report has been approved for exporting to Business Central.  This now matches the behavior of the Expense Report.

When a finance processor approves a Payment Card Report, the app will display a warning if any of the transactions on the report have not been matched to expenses.  This processor should only continue with the approval if this is intentional – for example to handle a card settlement payment.

Hide transactions for disabled payment methods

When you disable a Payment Method, any transactions for that card will no longer be shown in the Expenses list for the cardholder.

Ignore leading quotes and currency symbols in transaction files

Transaction files for some banks include a single quote before text fields or include a currency symbol before amounts.  The system now ignores these extra characters when importing transactions, removing the need to remove them manually before importing the files into Zetadocs Expenses.

Additional upgrade steps

Extension for Business Central

Customers using the extension with a Business Central public cloud system should update this from Microsoft AppSource.  Updates are typically published on AppSource within ten working days of release for systems using the current version of Business Central.  Updates for older versions of Business Central may also be available, depending on the Microsoft support and update policy at the time of release.  You can check whether the update is available for your system by comparing the AppSource version number with the version number listed above.

Customers using the extension with a Business Central on-premises system can download the extension from the Equisys software updates page, as part of the Zetadocs Expenses Connector download package.

To upgrade from an older version of the extension please contact your Business Central reseller, or contact Equisys for further assistance if required.

This release is compatible with previous versions of the Extension for Business Central.

NAV Server Components

Customers using Zetadocs Expenses with an NAV Server system can download the NAV Server Components from the Equisys software updates page, as part of the Zetadocs Expenses Connector download package.

To upgrade an NAV system which is using an older version of the NAV Server Components, follow the instructions in this technote.  Please contact Equisys for further assistance if required.

This release is compatible with previous versions of the NAV Server Components (versions 3.3.18178 and later).

Reporting Template

There is no update to the PowerBI Reporting Template with this release.

Mobile apps

Installed mobile apps will be updated automatically on mobile devices where this is enabled.

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