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Modernizing the Zetadocs Delivery experience

Modernizing the Zetadocs Delivery experience

More personalization options, simpler and more modern experience

Greg Cole

The most recent update to the Zetadocs Delivery and Zetadocs Capture Extension for Business Central offers more personalization options, simpler email template management and sends emails directly using Microsoft 365 to offer Business Central customers a modern delivery experience on all versions of Business Central - online or when deployed on-premises. 

Edit before Send 

One of the biggest advantages of using Zetadocs Delivery is its ability to deliver personalized documents in batches, that satisfy customers’ delivery preferences based on flexible delivery rules. Zetadocs now gives options to add ad hoc attachments like seasonal promotions as part of these batches and add a message to individual recipients within the batch, strengthening its batch management capabilities even further. 

Tailoring the email payload by sending a single attachment helps control how the attachment Zetadocs sends will be consumed by the intended recipient. Zetadocs now offers a ‘Combine PDF Attachments’ option to combine all PDF attachments into a single PDF file. Likewise, when using ‘Combine Documents’ in conjunction with ‘Consolidate E-Mail’, Zetadocs will combine multiple Business Central documents, like Sales Quotes or Orders for the same recipient, and the additional PDF attachments into a single PDF file. 

Zetadocs Delivery - Edit before send

Template Management 

Zetadocs Delivery templates ensure all emails have appropriate corporate branding, with terms & conditions and any supporting documents automatically appended so that all documents are delivered with a professional appearance and consistent content, every time. 

Templates are now managed directly within Business Central to simplify the setup and ongoing management of Zetadocs Delivery. Zetadocs now also uses the Business Central Word Layout associated with the report for the email body as well as for the Report that it sends. This makes editing and personalizing the email body layout simpler for most customers by using Microsoft Word which they are all very familiar with. 

Send using Microsoft 365 

Emails have traditionally been sent using SMTP from a single email account in most server-based applications. Although SMTP is very common and effective, there are now more modern sending methods and authentication mechanisms in use today for customers using Microsoft 365.  

Zetadocs continues to support SMTP for customers that still want to use it, and now adds the option of using Microsoft 365 to provide a more secure way to delivery emails without the need to rely on a single email account. 

Once Zetadocs has been authorized to send emails on the Microsoft 365 users’ behalf using a secure token, Zetadocs will send all emails as the current user, unless overridden by a rule or on a specific message so that the email is sent from a shared mailbox instead. Any email bounces can be seen directly in Outlook, offering a very convenient way to resend previous messages directly from their Outlook sent items folder. ‘Sent Items’ gives Business Central users a permanent record of the actual email sent by Zetadocs in addition to the searchable log entry in the Zetadocs Activity log within Business Central. 

Upgrade today 

The enhancements above all combine to provide Zetadocs Delivery customers a modern delivery experience, better management of email batches, and more personalization options. 

The Zetadocs Delivery and Zetadocs Capture Extension for Business Central is available in AppSource for Business Central Online customers, or available for download from the Equisys updates page for Business Central customers deployed on-premises. 

We also have upgrade instructions for customers on older versions of our software that are moving to Business Central Online or even migrating to a later version of Business Central on-premises that require an Extension.  

Please don’t hesitate to contact us directly to find out more or speak to your Dynamics partner to discuss your requirements further. 

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