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Partners have three true requirements: repeatability or sales, a product to complement and ease of use. We shine a light on simplicity.

What makes a supplier’s product easy to sell?

The answer lies in the cost of engagement and cost of sale. To look at the cost of sale, it’s important to define what selling really means. It begins by making your target market aware that they must act on a pain that they are experiencing and it ends when your customer has successfully implemented a solution to this problem.

A pain diagnostic

Zetadocs LogoAs a manufacturer of software, we strive to use technology to solve a business problem that our customers or target market are experiencing. For Equisys, customer problems are always related to documents.

  • The capture of documents that come into the organization
  • Using software to deliver documents to other organizations
  • Enabling users to share documents on screen to seek approval from others.

While document management software may not keep people awake at night, issues in the supply chain caused by late payment of invoices, or losing business to the competition because they weren’t quick enough to respond to a customer query, just might. It’s typically at these pressure points that customers turn to their partners for advice or assistance.

IT partners excel at bridging the divide between a customer problem and the technology to help solve it. But suppliers straddle the chasm too. At Equisys, we believe it’s important to engage with customers by using their language, not the latest code phraseology. In contrast, partners are likely to speak more technical information to understand what the possibilities of using our software are. Instead of discussing what’s possible, instead, we talk in terms that explain how the software solves customer problems. This means that we can support partners by engaging directly with their customers – helping them fulfil demand with both minimal effort and the highest satisfaction levels. And we do this at each step of the way during the sales process.

The power of choice

Ease doesn’t stop there. We are committed to delivering rich, innovative add-ons for NAV and ensuring support for the latest platforms by keeping pace with Microsoft’s annual release cadence for NAV. We empower partners to confidently deliver document and, now, expense management solutions whilst driving down the cost of sale and deployment.

A suite of benefits:

  1. Zetadocs for NAV and Zetadocs Express were updated to support NAV 2016, with updates to Office 365 and Windows 10 – all within 30 days of Microsoft’s general availability date. As partners and customers consider upgrading to NAV 2016, it’s important that document archives which have already been invested in can also take that same journey. Users will continue to be able to store and retrieve documents with the same ease and flexibility as they were in earlier versions of NAV.
  2. The next release of Zetadocs will enable customers to archive sent and received documents to a range of different document stores such as network folders or SharePoint libraries hosted on premise or in the cloud. Any historical document archives created using Zetadocs for NAV will retain its integrity and also remain in situ.
  3. Customers’ document intensive processes within NAV will be managed and enhanced, not only in NAV 2016 but also beyond.
  4. Alongside this, at Directions EMEA, we also announced the launch of Zetadocs Expenses, our new expense management software that seamlessly integrates with NAV.

Why is this catalogue of benefits so important to our partners and customers? Simple. We understand that each customer is different, and with Zetadocs we give partners the confidence to say “yes” to customers choosing NAV, whatever their IT infrastructure. Life should be easy as an Equisys partner and customer. And we deliver that promise by investing time and energy by offering support at every level.

Take a look at our latest Zetadocs add-ons and solutions.

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