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Keeping our service running smoothly

Keeping our service running smoothly

Zetadocs Expenses service uptime

Greg Cole

When you sign-up to any cloud service that extends the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central or NAV, one of the most vital factors in making that decision is service reliability. You want to know that you have signed up with a capable provider that you can rely on to keep the service running 24/7.

That’s why Zetadocs Expenses is deployed on Microsoft Azure, as our service is backed by Azure’s uptime commitment or SLA. I’m proud that Zetadocs Expenses maintained our SLA commitment throughout last year. In fact, since we introduced online updates back in January 2018, we’ve not had reason to update the Zetadocs Expenses Status page for any planned outages.

NAV Connector uptime

Zetadocs Expenses integrates with your on premises NAV system via web services using the Zetadocs Expenses Connector for NAV. This NAV connector runs as an automatic Windows service, typically on the NAV server and communicates securely with Zetadocs Expenses using the Azure Service Bus.

We’ve incorporated retry logic into the latest versions of the NAV connector so that it can automatically recover from any transited communication failures, like when the NAV server is restarted. This helps ensure service continuity for the on premises element of Zetadocs Expenses.

Avoiding disruption

Old versions of the Zetadocs Expenses Connector for NAV use a now retired Microsoft Azure authentication service called Azure Access Control Service (ACS). Microsoft retired this service on 7 November 2018, however we were granted an extension until February 4, 2019 to afford our customers more time to update their NAV connectors, as we blogged about here.

Version 3.3.18178 (July 2, 2018) and later have been integrated to use the latest Microsoft Azure authentication service. It is therefore important to follow these instructions to update to the latest version of the NAV connector to avoid any interruption in communication after Microsoft shuts down its ACS service for good.

Need help?

We have contacted all customers on old versions of the NAV connector to offer upgrade help. We know you are busy; however, it is important that you update before February 4, 2019 to avoid disruption.

Please get in touch by emailing your Dynamics partner or contact Equisys Technical Support if you need any assistance in updating the Zetadocs Expenses connector for NAV. We are more than happy to help.

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